( canceled ) Three Day Weekend Hopping




Join ten minutes Early

Everyone join in Expert server for the day one


Day one is completely thank y’all for the awesome support join tomorrow on Training Server

Day One

Denver Colorado
Las Vegas Nevada
St. Louis Missouri
Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Charlotte North Carolina

You did all of those flights today!?

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I did long flight and lots of landing

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Everyone please join at Charlotte Douglas international airport in Training Server at 2022-08-13T16:45:00Z

I Can Join today I can’t wait

Yes you can join

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Alright Everyone join now before the event Starts

Expect some delay for American Airlines 112

Have you spawned in???

Can I join? What flight are we doing?

Guys spawn at Miami were late

Training server

What route?

We’re going to Little Rock AR

Spawn at concourse D that’s American Airlines gates