(CANCELED. This group flight was canceled as none of my signed up participants showed up) - American Airlines TWA 737 @KSFO - 200300ZAUG19

(Moved To Expert Server) American Airlines TWA 737 @KSFO - 200300ZAUG19

• Aircraft and Livery: B737-800 American Airlines TWA

• Route: KLAX - KSFO

• Time of Departure: 0300Z

• Server: Expert

Hello IFC Users! I am doing a quick group flight from KLAX - KSFO. The flight time should not be that long. Estimated flight time is 1 hour. I will be in the AA TWA 737-800. My cruising altitude will be 32,000ft MSL traveling at Mach 0.85. This is the first ever group flight I am hosting and I am very exited to host it. My callsign is American 2016 and my display name is IFC TSATC Aidan S. Feel free to file your flight plan however you like as long as you can get there on time. I will start at Terminal 4 and I will be planning to depart off runway 25R and landing at Runway 28L at KSFO. Also as a reminder please act appropriately during my group flight and please, use Unicom correctly, maintain safe distances with aircraft ahead and do not taxi through them and please do not spam the frequency. Thanks for all being apart of my group flight! Notice: (Flight time changes to 1 hour and speed changed to Mach 0.85. I know the 737 does not cruise at M 0.85 but this will just speed things up)
List of flight participants:
1.) @United2
2.) @TRDubh

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I think you meant August 21, not 20 in the time display thingy. 😉

I don’t see it unless I’m blind lol. Anyways can you tell me where I made a mistake?

You’d said August 19 image

change to 21

No the AUG19 stands for AUG (August) and the 19 stands for the year 2019. It said in the instructions for making the title for group flights

Sorry but if it’s tomorrow I will join

Actually I’m sorry but I meant for it to be today. It says that it can be the day you are hosting the flight it just the post just needs to be posted 3 hours in advance

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No, 0300Z in August 20 (what you have) is August 19 night in America. If this event is today, August 21 in Z time, then it’s August 20 in America.

I think you meant 210300ZAUG19

I’m in only if it’s tomorrow. Sorry

That’s fine. It is alright

Ok so change the 20 to 21 if I want it to be today? Also I put the 0300Z as the Zulu time in Los Angeles

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I’m up if you do a flight tomorrow

One would assume it would be 20th August for today, as you are in the states.

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Sorry I can’t my subscription expires tomorrow at like midnight Los Angeles time

Ok. So is there something I need to edit?

No worries for the next then

Nope, I edited it back to how you left it.

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Ok so can I just leave it and just wait for others to join?