CANCELED The TriJet FlyOut [Attendees Needed, 3 Attending] @PANC 290200ZDEC19

Server: Expert

Airport: PANC

Time: 0200z 2019-12-29T02:00:00Z

NOTAM: This FlyOut is not intended to be realistic at all, just a remembrance of some of the greatest planes produced. However please act professional at all times. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VIOLATIONS YOU RECEIVE DURING THIS EVENT. There is no specific pushback or takeoff order but use common sense, don’t push into someone or while the pilot next to you is pushing back.

Here is a rough layout of the gates. (Cargo is alongside RWY 33/15)

Join the Discord server here: (Note: You will be directed to a server called Infinite Flight West, there is a sub category for my events there.)

B Gates

B03—DC-10(British Airways)—EGLL— @Lil_Seedy_Boi
B04—DC-10(Air France)—LFPG—

C Gates

C02—DC-10(Northwest)—RJAA— @Speedyyy C03—MD-11(Alitalia)—LIRF—

N Gates

N06—DC-10(New Zealand)—NZAA—

I will add remote stands if needed. If there is a livery/destinations you want I am willing to change an open gate to your requested destination/livery. Comment below if you would like me to add cargo gates.

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It would be better for you to post when the gates are complete.


I had to close my computer and change classes so I posted what I had.

You can turn the brightness down all the way and it won’t shut down.

I had to pack my stuff into a bag though

Yeah. I do that too. I know the Chromebook has it, but not sure about other laptops. If you have a Chromebook, do that. The screen will shut off, but once you turn the brightness back up it’ll turn on and all your screens will still be there.

Yea. Roaring Fork RE-1gives Chromebooks to High School students.

I got the gates complete for now and will add more if needed. Would you like me to sign you up for a gate?

No thanks. This is at 7PM my time.

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Can I have a gate, a United MD-11/DC-10 (I don’t remember) to KSFO?

Love trijets!

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Can I let you use a Continental DC-10 (seeming as we don’t have UA)?

Yessir! Sign me up!

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Please join the Discord server to stay up to date on this event. (Link above)

  • Event on Training Server
  • Event on Expert Server
  • I could care less

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Please vote for the server you would like the event to be on.

Should I keep the date the same (December 29 on the UTC time zone) or change it?

  • Keep Dec. 29
  • Change (post Date/Time below)

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this could work but i would need it be changed to 8pm. if not then it’s ok but i can’t come :/

What time zone? Central US?

Yea CST…

May i have this please?

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You are signed up for Tokyo Narita

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