[CANCELED] The Pacific Quadruple Group Flight @ YSSY - 101800ZAUG19

Server: Expert

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1800Z

NOTAMS: This flight is a trip to the past, as we will be flying from YSSY to KJFK with stopovers in NZAA, PHNL, and KSFO. I know that this sounds like a stretch, so I am organizing this where you can sign up for individual legs to fit your schedule. You must fly in a Boeing 777-200ER in the United Airlines old livery or the 747-400 for United Airlines, so we can reflect the throwback theme.

Please spawn in fifteen minutes before I land/spawn depending on which leg(s) of the flight you fly on; I will be parked at my designated gate for fifteen minutes.

Cruising Altitude for YSSY-NZAA and KSFO-KJFK is 31000ft; 37000ft for NZAA-PHNL and PHNL-KSFO; speed is M 0.82 or M 0.85 depending on the plane for all flights.

Flight times:
YSSY-NZAA: 3hrs.
NZAA-PHNL: 7hrs.
PHNL-KSFO: 4hrs.
KSFO-KJFK: 4hrs.





If you are planning to fly multiple legs of the flight, then inform me beforehand. State your callsign and your aircraft; I will assign you a gate.

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Source: Airway1

It’s time for the queen of the skies to shine again!



It’s throwback time!

Source: Aeronautics Online

Pick a side: Boeing 777 or Boeing 747.


Source: Airport Technology

Aloha to you!

It’s time for the ultimate group flight! See you there!

Two things I think you should add/change. 1) If its United you should do KEWR Newark instead of JFK as United doesnt operate from/to JFK. 2) If it’s a throwback thing I’d suggest adding the 767-300 old livery.

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Okay, but back in the late 1990s, United operated at KJFK and Continental operated at KEWR. That’s why I picked KJFK.

Oh. I never knew that. I guess it makes sense

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I can join

I’ll join. Yeet

Which legs of the flight?

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I’ll try to do most of it

Alright! You’re signed up! @shaanfliesplanes, which legs are you going to fly?

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