[Canceled] The Great Boeing 757 Rework Awareness Group Flight! @CYYZ - 292100ZSEP19

G’day all I hope your enjoying yourself, today I present to you an event like no other, one that will put a smile on your face, one that is jaw dropping a raise awareness event. So this event is to raise awareness for the Boeing 757 in Infinite Flight, it’s desperately in need of a rework so this event is to raise awareness for this aircraft.


The flight will be a massive group flight from Toronto to SAN Francisco. You are permitted to depart at anytime during the event hours. This flight will be flown on Casual Server to reach the most amount of people. The times for the event are listed below and you may pick anytime you want. There is no gate selection as you just need to spawn in and fly. I will post the route prior to departure.



This will automatically change to your time zone


User Call Sign Livery
@Qantas094 TBD TBD
@KGJT-9149 N530QB TBD
@United2 TBD TBD
@anon41771314 CANADA Air Canada
@Dylan_M N372DM TBD


If you are going to be spotting please make sure to use a gate near the runway that will be in use, I will post an ATIS on all the information prior to the event.

Aircraft User Call Sign


The air traffic controller at the event will be the trusty Unicom, please respect the Unicom.

Live Streaming/Recording

If you are going to live stream this event or record it, please tell me and I will add you to the list below, make sure you tell me if your name streaming it or recording it.

User Call Sign Streaming Recording
@Qantas094 TBD ✖️ ✔️
@KGJT-9149 TBD ✔️ ✖️


No other aircraft except the Boeing 757 is permitted at Toronto unless spotting or are a staff member at Infinite Flight or a IFC moderator. You are allowed to use any livery for this flight. I am not responsible if you crash because of another pilot, flying through you, taxing through you, spawning on you, etc as this is the Casual Server. This is part of my world tour which you can learn more about on the attached document below.

You can vote for the rework below.

Below is my document on my world tour.

Header image credit Parkinn


But what about people on casual who don’t have IFC and just play for fun and happen to be there by coincidence

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That’s fine as we don’t know them.

Oh OK because it would be a bit harsh if they got ghosted

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You can’t ghost people on Casual Server anyway. So they would be fine.

Oh I thought you could get ghosted on any server for having an inaproppiate name/callsign

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That you would most likely get a warning from IF if your on the Casual Server.

There’s another event like this…

Maybe they can be something like a double feature?


I would but it’s at 12 in the night for me sorry


Mine there is no gate assignments it’s just show up when you feel, kinda like the FNF

Sign me up. I’ll consider doing a stream but I don’t know yet

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Okay mate, do you have a livery preference?

Sign me up

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Notice to all, please provide me a livery preference so I know.

Either Northwest, United (Star Alliance), Delta or American

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Thanks mate, I will put you down as TBD.

Ok. That works. Thanks


Also I need a call sign.

@United2 can you please tell me what livery and call sign you will be using.


What ever livery I show up in followed by 9149. But put N530QB on the list for now


Thank you mate.