(CANCELED)The Fly Out Down Under@YSSY 021500ZMAY20

I hope I didn’t do anything


Haha it’s a joke, but I’ll probably do it

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I’ll join the event

Hah oh alright just let me know

Can I go to my home airport?

Yes sir lemme sign you up

Thank you 🙃

All set you are signed up

Alrighty, thanks mate ;)

I’ll take this please. Thanks!

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Could I take gate 2-03 on a Qantas 737 to Gold Coast please as this is the actually Qantas terminal

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can i take this one?

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bro all the events at my place is like at this time only but have to manage.

What time is it going to be for you?

It’s going to be 1am for me

bro this event is 8.30 pm for me but many events in the past i had to let go as they were of the time from 12 am to 6 am which is not possible for me.

That’s what happens when you have a global community. Pick a particular time range and then look in the title of the events. For example, 0600Z to 1800Z might suit you. Do you know how to read the titles?

That’s usually what happens to me, also, but I usually try and get a decent amount of sleep for those early morning ones and wake up before it starts

yes sir or else i try to take those from 8.30 to 11 pm and try to take long flights so i can wake up and land.

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dedicated very nice.