[Canceled] The City of Trees Flyout @ KSMF - 251700ZMAY19

Let’s Fill up Sacramento!

Why Sacramento International?

Sacramento is located just between the stunning mountains and lakes of Reno/Tahoe and the rocky coastline of San Francisco. With this, Sacramento serves as the alternative to the Bay Area traffic and a gateway to the Nevada Mountains. It is also the welcoming point to California’s capital. SMF is an exceptional airport with tons of very interesting architecture and designs that you do not want to me. Come join us as we fill Sacramento!

Event Information

Date and Time of Event: 2019-05-25T17:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Airport: KSMF

About this Event

This event is a Flyout style event. This means you will not be flying on an established route. Instead, you will chose a gate and with a pre-selected destination. If you wish to change the destination, please just ask!

Please Note

  • As this will be a big flyout event, please act professional and be realistic. This means no cutting in line, Spamming KSMF Unicom, and taxing dangerously close to another aircraft. You do not want to ruin other pilots experience and fun, do you?

  • You will be responsible for your own flight plan and fuel. Feel free to check out #tutorials if you need any help with any of these. I recommend using fpltoif.com for creating a professional flight plan.

  • To request one of the many gates available, just reply with the gate you would like and destination. If you can’t find the destination you are looking for, just simply reply with what gate you want and the destination. Please remember it must be a real destination out of Sacramento.

Commercial Gates

Terminal A
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
A1 Delta KATL B739
A2 American KPHX B738
A3 Delta KMSP A319
A4 American KDFW B738
A5 American KCLT A321
A10 Delta KSLC B752
A12 Delta KSEA E170
A13 United KIAD A320
A14 Air Canada CYVR CRJ9
A15 United KDEN B738
A16 @samdog27 United KSFO B738
A17 United KORD B739
Terminal B
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
B4 Hawaiian PHNL B763
B5 Alaska KPDX Q400
B6 JetBlue KJFK A321
B7 @DylanIE Alaska KSEA B739
B8 AeroMexico MMMX B737
B9 Alaska PHOG B739
B10 Volaris MGDL A320
B11 Alaska KSAN E175
B12 Southwest KBOI B737
B14 Southwest KLAX B738
B15 @BigBert10 Southwest KSEA B737
B16 @Luke_Sta Southwest KDEN B738
B17 @JeromeJ Southwest KBWI B738
B18 @Matthew_20204 Southwest KGEG B737
B19 Southwest KMDW B738
B20 Southwest KMCO B737
B21 @GlobalFlyer1 Southwest KLAS B738
B22 Southwest KBUR B737
B23 Southwest KSAN B737

Cargo and General Aviation

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
N2 FedEx KRDD C208
N3 FedEx KACV C208
N4 FedEx KUKI C208
N5 FedEx KCEC C208
N6 FedEx KRDD C208
N7 @Aviation-21 FedEx KACV C208
N8 FedEx LUKI C208
S1 ABX air KBWI B763
General Aviation
Gate Pilot Destination Aircraft
Citation 1
Citation 2
Citation 3
Citation 4
Citation 5
Citation 6
Citation 7
Ramp 1
Ramp 2
Ramp 3
Tie Down 1
Tie Down 2
Tie Down 3
Tie Down 4
Tie Down 5
Tie Down 6
Tie Down 7
Tie Down 8
Tie Down 9
Tie Down 10
Tie Down 11
Tie Down 12
Tie Down 13

A Couple Reminders

  • On the day of the event, I will announce takeoff runways and departure procedures for your reference

  • Please be courteous to others. Don’t be the inpatient pilot who cant wait 3 minutes because another aircraft has pushed behind you

  • Please try to spawn 15-20 minutes before the event time so we can take amazing pictures

  • Remember this date: 2019-05-25T17:00:00Z

If you have any questions about this event, please don’t hesitate to ask below of send me a Private Message. I will try to answer as soon as I can. I cant wait to see everyone fill up KSMF!

Photo Sources

Top Photo: https://cmgpbphistoricalpalmbeach.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/airportaerial.jpg
Bottom Photo: Sacramento Intl Airport Sets Monthly Record for Passengers Served

I have been given permission by @VAnuj to use this format. Thank you!


I’ll take gate B21 to Las Vegas except with the 738?

Thanks and see you there!

I love KSMF. Can I have A16 to KSFO!

B7 to Seattle for me please!

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I’ll take B18

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I will take B16. See you there!


B17 please

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N7 to KACV please!

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I have a feeling this was a redone of another City of Trees Flyout which everyone forgot about XD

Anyways, hopefully, nothing comes up on May 25, so could I take a Southwest flight to Seattle with the B737-700


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I’ll give this a bump, mostly for my sakes…

Still here! Anyone want to fly out of SMF?

Can I change to gate A13

Southwest to MDW please :)

A4 Please.

A14 to YVR if you can please.

I’ll take gate

I’ll take gat A17 to KORD

The event has been canceled. Be on the lookout for a new event.