[Canceled] The Beantown Flyout! @ KBOS - 041800ZJAN20

These airlines were let out either due to spacial issues (in terminal E) or since liveries on certain aircraft do not exist.

A19 to CDG please!

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Can I get a spot* on A for non-stop to LAX with Delta either 757-200 or A330?

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You have both been added, see you then!

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Can I take this gate, but with the A319?

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I got you in, see ya there!

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Don’t forget to sign up! We haven’t had any for a few days!

Would you like a date change? I have found out the EDDF fly-out conflicts with this.

  • January 11
  • December 28
  • January 18
  • Other (State Below)

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Thank you!

Gate E11 please :)

Boston Event Notice: -
Hi Folks. I regret to inform you that this event is now canceled, due to a lack of interest from the community, little viewership and participation, and conflicting events that have more popularity. I was optimistic about the event at the start but has thus fallen apart, leading to this decision. I'm sorry about this!

Thanks for your understanding,


Closed on OPs request!