[Canceled] The Beantown Flyout! @ KBOS - 041800ZJAN20

Hi all! Welcome to another event of mine! Today, we will fill up Boston’s very large airport!

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Why Boston?

Boston is a huge airport, serving destinations from Houston to Hong Kong, Detroit to Dubai, and so much more. It was the winner of my event poll, and it seems to be a community favorite. It is a hub for Cape Air and Delta, while it is a focus city for JetBlue.

Event information:

Server: Expert
Date and time:2020-01-04T18:00:00Z
Airport/Region: KBOS/New England
Spawn in 10-15 minutes early for pictures.
Listen to all ATC instructions/Use unicom respectfully
Since this is not a set route event, I trust all event atendees use a flight planner. My personal favorite is fpltoif.com
Have fun!

More information for Boston Airport:


Here are the gates for the event. I can change and add routes as long as you can provide reasoning and evidence for a route.

Terminal A: Delta and WestJet
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User
A1 CYYZ WestJet (Encore) Q400
A2 KLGA Delta A319 @Dylan_M
A3 KRIC Delta E170
A4 TXKF Delta A319
A5 KFLL Delta 737-800
A6 KBUF Delta E170
A7 KEWR Delta E170
A8 KCMH Delta E170
A9 KMCI Delta E170
A10 KRDU Delta CRJ-900
A11 KJFK Delta CRJ-900
A13 KSFO Delta 757-200
A14 EGLL Delta A330-300
A15 KLAX Delta 757-200 @teddyknowsbest
A16 EHAM Delta A330-300
A17 KAUS Delta A321 @BadPlane
A18 KLAS Delta 737-900
A19 LFPG Delta 767-300 @Jetcentric
A20 KMCO Delta A321
A21 KDTW Delta A321
A22 KTPA Delta 737-800
Terminal B: Air Canada, Alaska, American, Southwest, Spirit, United
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User
B1 CYUL Air Canada CRJ-900
B2 CYYZ Air Canada E175
B3 CYHZ Air Canada Q400
B4 KLAX American 737-800 @Ryan0479
B5 KSFO American A321
B6 KCLT American A321
B7 KPHL American A320
B8 KDFW American 757-200
B10 KMIA American 757-200
B11 KPHL American A320
B12 KORD American 737-800
B13 KPHL American A321
B14 KLGA American A320
B16 KORD American A321
B17 KMIA American 737-800
B18 KDCA American A321
B19 KJFK American A321
B20 KPHX American 737-800
B21 KORD United 737-900
B22 KSFO United 757-200
B23 KIAH United A320
B24 KLAX United 757-200
B25 KEWR United A320
B26 KIAD United 737-800
B27 KORD United 737-800
B28 KDEN United 737-800 @den.aviation
B29 KIAD United 737-700
B30 KEWR United 737-700
B31 KMDW Southwest 737-700
B32 KDEN Southwest 737-800 @Luke_Sta
B33 KBWI Southwest 737-700
B34 KHOU Southwest 737-700
B35 KBNA Southwest 737-700
B36 KLAX Alaska A320
B37 KLAS Spirit A321
B38 KFLL Spirit A320
Terminal C: JetBlue
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User
C8 KBUF JetBlue E190
C9 KRIC JetBlue E190 @Niccckk
C10 KLGA JetBlue E190 @Bren_McDonell
C11 TNCM JetBlue A320
C12 KJAX JetBlue A320
C14 KBUR JetBlue A320
C15 KLGB JetBlue A320
C16 KSFO JetBlue A321 @GlobalFlyer1
C17 KROC JetBlue E190
C18 KDCA JetBlue E190
C19 MDST JetBlue A320
C20 TJSJ JetBlue A321
C21 KRDU JetBlue E190
C25 MDSD JetBlue A320
C26 KRSW JetBlue A321
C27 KPHX JetBlue A320
C28 KSJC JetBlue A320 @BigBert10
C29 KCHS JetBlue E190
C30 KMSY JetBlue E190
C31 KSAV JetBlue A320
C32 KPIT JetBlue E190
C33 MMUN JetBlue A320
C34 KSYR JetBlue E190
C36 KDTW JetBlue E190
C40 KMSP JetBlue A320
C41 KDCA JetBlue E190
C42 KLGA JetBlue E190
Terminal E: Cathay Pacific, Copa, Emirates, Frontier, Icelandair, Japan Airlines, Norwegian, Porter, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User
E1 MPTO Copa 737-800
E2 CYTZ Porter Q400 @Matthew_20204
E3 EGKK Norwegian 787-9
E4 KDEN Frontier A320 @TheFlyingGuy1
E5 KMCO Frontier A320
E6 EGLL Virgin Atlantic A340-600 @Eddie_D
E7 EDDF Lufthansa 747-400
E8 VHHH Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
E9 RJAA Japan Airlines 787-9
E10 OTHH Qatar Airways 777-300ER @Captain_JR
E11 OMDB Emirates A380
E12 BIKF Icelandair 757-200
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft User
FedEx Cargo Apron 8 KMEM FedEx MD-11F
FedEx Cargo Apron 9 KMEM Fedex MD-11F
GA Apron 1 GA GA GA
GA Apron 4 GA GA GA

More Gates Will be added if needed.

Thanks for viewing this! I hope to see all of you in Boston soon :)


I’ll take E12

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This please, thanks!

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Hi Luke,

E8, Cathay to Hong Kong, Thanks

Nvm, @Luke_Sta, Make it Qatar Airways to Doha (Gate E10) instead, haven’t flown to Doha from Boston in a long time, Thanks and Sorry for the decision dilemma, always hits 😜

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Can I have Delta to Austin?

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You four have been added! See you there!


Sorry man may I change to E2 I didint realize the time

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You have been switched.

I’ll take a jetBlue A321 gate to San Francisco! Thanks!

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You have been added, see you then!

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I’ll take C9 to Richmond, please.

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Alright! See ya then

Nice event thread Luke
I’ll take gate B4 to Lax.
Looking forward to it
Thank you

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Got you in! See you there!

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This gate please

Gate E4 please

I’ve never been to a Boston event before, so I can’t wait to fly to San Jose on January 4! :D

Why so many left out:

Edit: MassDOT

Terminal C - Also Cape Air, Air Portugal (departures), SunCountry, Aer Lingus
Terminal E - Also Hawaiian, Hainan, Turkish, Swiss, El Al, British, Cabo Verde, Alitalia, Azores, Air France

Can I take gate C10 to KLGA?

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You three have been added! See you then!

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