[Canceled] The Amazing Geneva Flyout

This gate pls

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I shall get you down

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I will take gate 24, but can I use the B738 instead?

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My last post was flagged, idk why makes no sense.

But basic I said I don’t care what plane you bring, totally up to you.
I don’t believe routes are mandatory.

This event has been Canceled this is because there is another Geneva flyout already posted so if oyu still would like to flyout of Geneva go check out the other flyout. Thanks for Understanding.


Oh :< that sucks

Gate 21 | Amsterdam | KLM | 737-700

Can I get this please?

Thank you

this event has been canceled
if you want to go check out the other Geneva flyout

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Okk thanks

can you please close this

Feel free to flag for closure for future instances :)