Canceled Take off?

I saw this on flightradar, Transavia Boeing 737-800 exited runway 36L and then lined up the runway again. What will be the reason?


Please wait for the image to upload fully

Yes I know, something went wrong, now it’s fixed.

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Looks like it is a rejected takeoff, no sure what else it could be

Now the plane took off.

A while ago I saw the exact same thing while I was there spotting.
A Transavia 737 lined up, started taxiing to the first exit and had to make a weird turn and got right back in line again to take off for real. On Flightradar24 I could see this exact same picture.
Didn’t find out why this happened.


Really early departure and just killing time

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Might be a thousand reasons to why. It might be something as little as one of the pilots not being 100% comfortable with flying. Takeoff config warnings, wrong info in FMC, runway incursion, birds, engine / oil values not normal – and I’m just getting started… :P


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