[Canceled] Star Virtual Event: UEFA Euro 2016 flypass at paris @ LFPG - 120630ZJUN16

Welcome to Star Virtual’s first event. Because of the start of the UEFA euro 16, we are going to do a flypass over LFPG. We are going to takeoff at Le bourget and do a flypass over CDG’s runway.

Date: 12 June 2016

Time: 6:30AM Zulu time

Airport: LFPB-LFPG

Aircraft: A318

People with blue Corporate livery go to the back
People with Generic livery go in middle
People with red Corporate livery go to the front


By the way I didn’t have TL2 so can’t chose Events category

ill come as air france 1 in the ACJ red livery

Ok. Thanks.

Members of Star VA can come as co-leaders in Air France livery.

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Jets that okay?

What do you mean?

F16 F14 F 18 It’s OK

So I can fly with them and if possible Air France aircraft

No. fighters allowed
Air france jets are only for members of Star Virtual. If you want to come with air france, sign up.

Well see you tomorrow

What livery?
What Callsign?

This event is officially canceled
We don’t have enough pilots

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