[CANCELED] St Louis Christmas Eve rush! @ KSTL 241900ZDEC19

Calling all Aviation geeks and Pilots!
Lambert Airport is very busy for the holidays its your job to get everyone out on time!

Server: Expert

Airport: KSTL

Time: 2019-12-24T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas its still a fun event! Also follow the expert server rules.

Concourse A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
A2 A319 Delta Salt Lake City
A3 A321 Delta Atlanta
A4 CRJ9 Delta Connection New York LGA
A6 717 Delta Detroit
A8 CRJ9 Delta Connection Cincinnati
A9 Not in use
A10 A321 Delta Minneapolis
A12 Not in use
A14 CRJ7 United Express Chicago O’hare
A15 772 Omni Air Charters Pilot Choice
A16 739 United SFO @ouzi
A17 CRJ2 Air Canada Express Toronto Pearson
A18 A320 United Denver
A19 CRJ7 (Sub for E175) United Express Houston George Bush
A21 CRJ7 (Sub for E145) United Express Newark
Concourse C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
C1 C208 Air Choice One Burlington (IA)
C2 Not in Use
C3 Not in Use
C4 Not in use
C5 Not in use
C6 738 American Airlines Charlotte
C7 Not in use
C8 738 American Airlines Miami
C9 Not in use
C10 A320 American Airlines Dallas
C12 738 American Airlines LAX
C15 738 Alaska Airlines Seattle
C16 738 American Airlines Phoenix
C17 Not in use
C18 CRJ7 American Eagle New York LGA
C19 A321 Frontier Las Vegas
C21 Not in Use
C23 A320 Frontier Orlando
C24 A320 American Airlines Philadelphia
Concourse E
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
E2 738 Southwest San Jose @BigBert10
E4 737 Southwest Las Vegas
E6 737 Southwest Atlanta
E8 738 Southwest Seattle
E10 737 Southwest Chicago Midway
E12 738 Southwest Oakland
E14 737 Southwest Nashville
E16 738 Southwest Phoenix
E18 737 Southwest New York LGA
E20 737 Southwest Little Rock
E22 738 Southwest Portland (OR) @infinite_flyer_21
E24 737 Southwest Orlando
E29 737 Southwest Hartford
E31 737 Southwest Tulsa
E33 737 Southwest Milwaukee
E34 738 Southwest Oklahoma City
E36 737 Southwest Des Moines @anon45500775
E38 738 Southwest Tampa
E40 737 Southwest Kansas City
UPS Aprons
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
UPS Cargo Apron 1 757 UPS Chicago Rockford
UPS Cargo Apron 2 77F Southern Air Omaha
UPS Cargo Apron 3 757 UPS Boise
Fedex Aprons
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
Fedex Apron 1 MD11 Fedex Memphis
Fedex Apron 2 MD11 Fedex Indianapolis
Fedex Apron 3 767 Amazon Air ( Blank ) Baltimore

Some Aircraft are Subbed for others.

Photo credit: Istock Photos


If anyone wants to recommend anything you can also answer them done here :)

I’ll take a gate to San Jose

We don’t have any gates to San Jose.

Well can you add a gate to San Jose

Maybe replace the one going to San Francisco (Southwest) with one that goes to San Jose

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Ok sure. I’ll put your name down.

Your name is down for E2

Thanks! Can’t wait to fly to SJC! 😃

One more thing. you may realize some of the gates aren’t active in this event. Thats because there wasn’t enough routes and I’m not doing repeat routes.

@Everything_Matthew Another thing you can do is not list those gates to make it look more organized. Only list the gates that will be used. Great event! I will look for a gate if I can come.

Thanks for the Advice!

The reason I still have the gates there is so people don’t think I missed them or something like that.

But I will remove them since you do have a point.

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This one for me please? Thanks :)

Sure thing! I’ll put your name down.

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I’ll take the swa 738 to Portland

Alright I’ll put your name down. :)

E36 737 Southwest Des Moines

this gate please

Alright I’ll put your name down.

The title and this post are misleading.

Are you still having the event?


Thanks for telling me! no we are not still having the event.

Event cancelled, see above.