(Canceled, Sorry )Explore Romania! @ LROP - 270700ZMAY18

Server: Training

Region: Europe

Airport: LROP
Time: 0700Z
About The Event: This Is My First Event So I Choose My HomeCountry, Romania Featuring Bucharest, Also I Welcome Any ATC Who Wants To Join!
NOTAM: Please Don’t Troll, Be Respectful To Others , Hold This Event On Training Server For Avoiding Ghosts On Expert,For Participating Please Include The Information Below, And Have Fun!


Gate 1= @Cjthew91
Gate 2= @Bajisa
Gate 3= @John_Ryan
Gate 4=
Gate 5=
Gate 6=
Gate 7=
Gate 8=
Gate 9=
Gate 10=
I Will Add The Rest Of The Gates If Nedded.


I’ll have gate 1 plz airline is delta aircraft is 787-8 Callsign is TVA20 and route is LROP-KATL

Welcome And Thanks For Joining!

Please follow the correct format when posting in #live:events.

See below:

Your title should be:

Explore Romania! @ LROP 270700ZMAY18

DATE, Time in Zulu, Month, Year

I’d change it for you but my mistakes have cost me my regular status.

Enjoy your first event!

I’m sorry, Mr. @Levet. I know I shouldn’t be posting so I can study more on finals, but the event format is really bothering me.


Fixed it 👌🏻

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I’m changing my route LROP-LFPG-KATL and the airline will be Air France and delta, aircraft will be A320 and 787-8 and Callsign is still TVA20

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Can I have gate 2
My name is lololol super

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Route and Aircraft?

I a.m using a boeing 747-200 KLM from LROP bound for HECA

can I check out what the flight time / arrival airport is expected to be

sorry just seen . pleas add a gate for me please

Aircraft And Route?

Hi what is 0700z IM sorry IM not that familiar?

Air France 114 A320-200 LROP -LFPG

Thanks For Coming

Hey I’m from Romania too. I’d like to participate but I’m still on the casual server😢

Give me any gate I’ll use a British airways cr7-700 egll