(Canceled) SFO to RNO Casual group flight!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Any United aircraft is welcome!

  • Route: SFO to RNO

  • Time of Departure: 22:30 PST

  • Server: Casual Server

  • Additional Information: join our discord! Infinite Flight pilots! To live chat! I will be on terminal 3 Gate E67

Please remove the filler in the top of the post, thanks!

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Sorry I would come but I’m too tired. Already messed up enough in IF for the day. 😕

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@PlaneGeek don’t even ask.

(cough cough) reported (cough cough)

Oh that sucks :(
You’ll be back on expert in a week though

i made grade four today!

sorry captain Merka didn’t mean to rub that in

I know I had literally put in an hour of tight patterns beforehand and was tired of flying but wanted to get my hours up. I should follow FAA sleep reqs in IF. 🤪


No not at all Congrats. Only something like 100 landings away I believe… ugh…

it sucks being reported

I know I didn’t realize it was as easy as sending duplicate messages a couple of times.

dang hard controllers

And that’s a really dumb thing to get reported for. Learned my lesson.

No it was at LAX a busy airspace.

ah ya that is really busy

Can’t blame them.

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