[canceled] Senator McCain Memorial Flash event @ KPHX - 261630ZAUG18

Server: Expert

Airport: KPHX-KDCA

Time: 1630Z


  • American Airlines B737-800
  • Copy my flight plan
  • Expected departure 07L
  • Expected arrival: River Visual runway 19
  • Cruise: FL350 @ M0.80
  • Climb at 2500 FPM, follow me for decent
  • Speed: 245 under 10000, 300 above 10000, M0.80 above FL280
  • Use C+D gates
  • No need to request a gate, just spawn in
  • Use this thread to chat with other attendees
  • I will only have on device with internet, so I won’t be here

Use the proper event format next time, had to fix it for you because you did not do it correctly.



Sorry, I was just crating it in a hurry

canceled, no one showed up

Hi, it’s often difficult for people to get a gate/show up for an event on such late notice as often people need to know in advance when an event takes place. If you would like to do a flash flight, I would recommend the PM feature - if you would like a proper event, I would hold it a few days away at least 🙂

Not trying to criticize here, just my two cents. It’s a shame no one showed up.


No offense but wouldn’t expect anyone to show up to an event planned within 1 hour of the start


Fair enough, I’ll do a more planned one for Ike Friday or sometime


Why dont you keep this event just push a back to like next weekend or something maybe some people can come next week :-)

Yes, planning is needed. There will ve so few people who can make it on such short notace. If you look at events that get tens and hundreds of people they are often months in advance…

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I would make a event at least 2 weeks before the date. I am making one right now and it will be posted 1.5 months before the date to allow sign up and changes


It would be common sense to plan an event next time where the start date is at least one week after the event is posted, to give users time to sign up.