(Canceled) RegiJet Holiday Rush! @ KSLC - 232200ZDEC17

Server: Expert

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Airport: KSLC

Time: 18300Z

NOTAM: It is the holidays and RegiJet needs you to help us with the rush! We have selected multiple routes that you are able to fly. If you want to join, comment below.


Salt Lake City-Portland
737-700, -800, ERJ195

  1. @kiwiaviation

Salt Lake City-Minneapolis
a320, ERJ195
Salt Lake City-Boston
737-700,-800, a320
Salt Lake City-Winnipeg
Dash 8 Q400
Salt Lake City-Reno

  1. @OHNO

Salt Lake City-Chicago
737-700, -800, a321

  1. @Ironman_Ballets

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Our thread

Should this event be on Expert or Training?

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  • Training
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The poll is closed! If you want to sign up, please reply.

I have decided that you can choose your own gate, but sign up for the route

Is this a bug, or is no one signing up? @Ironman_Ballets, @kiwiaviation, @Ashton_Liberty sign up if you want to come.

I’m in sorry forgot to respond lol

I,ll do the 737 700 to Chicago I might look rookie like (TS1)

The events on expert but you can fly on TS1! Signed you up.

Looks like ill just go up I will farm the exp to night

Ok! Sounds good with me.

The event is tomorrow! Sign up while you can!

Sign me up for SLC to Portland

Right-O my friend! What aircraft?

Erj 195 please check for a pm

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Sorry for short notice but the time has been changed to 2200Z! Thanks!

The event is today! If anyone wants to sign up, please do so.

The event is in 2 hours! Any last minute sign-ups?

I am very sorry but we have had to cancel this event. Please watch out for our next event and happy holidays!

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