[Canceled] Recording at KBUR for a Spotting Video @ 2200Z

Hello everyone! I will spotting at KBUR in SoCal on the Expert Server for about 30 minutes, in about 1 hour 30 minutes. If we could get an IFATC control (@g100m, @SkyHighGuys) please PM. If you want to be on the video, be there at around 2205 Zulu. Anybody earlier might not get recorded. If you can come, please state your aircraft, livery, and callsign! Thank you!

I will be there in E-170 Delta 007

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Also, you seem to do a lot of these recording videos, (no offense) is it for a YouTube channel or just for fun? If it is for a channel mind linking it to me so I could subscribe?

Yeah, I record timelapse, as it seems popular.

(Currently editing one)

My channel:

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Cheers! Just got a new sub!

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Thanks man! Do you have a channel I can sub too?

Yeah it’s Aviation DXB, I make Infinite Flight Videos and 1:400 Model Airport Updates, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpsYr_-EQBQkSiima_29yg

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Great Channel Man! Just subscribed!

Cheers! I’ll see you in about 40 minutes at KBUR!

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What country are you from?

Starts in 20 minutes!

South Africa 🇿🇦 I might do multiple T/O if I can just to test different aircraft

Everyone, it’s canceled, until further notice.

That sucks, I’ve got about 30 mins till I’m off to bed so if you wanna fly I’m at KBUR

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What time is it there?

2:10am exactly

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