[Canceled]Public Alternate Flight | Powered by IFLA | @ KDEN -132230ZPR19

Hi all! Today we are flying over U.S. The flight information below:

  • Aircraft and Livery: A320, A321, B737 / Frontier, Spirit, Southwest

  • Route: KDEN - KLAS

  • Time of Departure: 2230Z

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information: * Join our flight Departing from Denver to Las Vegas, U.S. The flight is at 2230Z (5:30P.M. UTC-5) with 10 minutes tolerance on the platform.

Copy the flight plan with one of the IFLA members.

FL320, 340, 360 / M.78
Flight Time 1h30m

We hope you join and enjoy the flight!

{This flight is powered by Infinite Flight Latinoamérica}

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