Canceled Orders and other airlines

I think AerLingus kept 4 or 5 of their orders for the A350. They gave either 5 or 4 to Iberia. (AerLingus ordered 9 A350s). Correct me if I’m working but I read this on AerLingus’ orders.

iberia got 6 (2 Got delivered from airbus) in service and aer lingus in orders have like 5 that either gonna get delivered later so your kinda right (yikes)

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Yeah but at the moment AerLingus are in trouble so I don’t think they’ll keep those orders 😭😬

i mean atleast their a330 is still good to use (even the a321lr and xlr will be kinda better)

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Yes I’m glad that they aren’t retiring some a330 aircraft!

Yes the do

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