Canceled Orders and other airlines

Here today will show most of infinite flight had airlines in thier aircraft but it doesn’t exists in real life so here’s some details

All flights in solo

An cargo airline I thought existed until UPS didn’t have them since their closest is the a300 which is not in Infinite flight

Aer Lingus was gonna get the a350 but then they gave away their orders to Iberia which currently flying

Don’t know this counts but This Libyan airline (Afriqiyah did I spell this right?) was gonna order the a350-800 which is a cancelled project so they converted them to a350 which IDK might come?

KLM Was gonna get their a350 but then sent it to Air France which is flying today

Transaero was one of those Russian airlines was gonna get the a380 but then it got ceased operations so the order was canceled

It’s there IDK

Delta ordered the 787-8 then wanted the a350 instead so they like canceled it and delta went on with Airbus

Air France was also gonna get the 78X with the 787-9 but then give it to KLM Instead

So here’s them today even there’s more in infinite flight I might cover it up soon


ok but that KLM A350 has no reason to be that hot 😍


I thought we didn’t have the Air France 787. I’m megaaa confused because I love that livery on the dreamliner


The Turkish 737-700 was the only -700 they ever operated. They just reitred it this year, crazy huh?


Cool idea! But I think DAL had the orders from the merger with Northwest, and then cancelled them.

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Thanks for the information anyway

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Ok UPS dosent have a A330???

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It’s a replacement for the A300 I believe, if I’m not mistaken.

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So do they have them, Or did they stick with the A300

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They do not, it’s the game’s replacement for the A300, sorry for my poor wording on the last post.


God damit, I’m sad

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I mean it’s close enough to the a300 and the UPS routes they use

1 letter off. It is spelled Afriqiyah. you could just read what the livery says because it literally says Afriqiyah

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Kinda sad KLM isn’t getting A350s. It looks hot in the KLM livery


Yep even the Aer Lingus one even though the new livery is lame (I actually like the new livery though)

They operate the -800 and -900 right now?



Its in the 78X in IF


Although im a boeing boi i still am kinda sad about this. The A350 is a pretty nice plane and the fact that this virus hit really sucks becuase airlines cannot follow through with their orders.

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They still fly it into many destinations except the 737-700 so that’s the obvious

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I was lazy during that time xd