[CANCELED NOT ENOUGH PILOTS] Pensacola Takeover @KPNS 121100ZOCT19

Welcome to the Pensacola Takeover! This will be an event taking place from Pensacola (PNS) to Las Vegas (LAS), this route will be a free for all airline flight. You chose your own airline!
Server: Training
Airport: KPNS
Time: October 12, 2019 6:00 PM
Aircraft: Any aircraft smaller than B757
NOTAM: We will be taking off Runway 17 at PNS. Climb to FL320. We will be landing on runways 26R and 26L at LAS. Gates

Gate 1
Gate 2
Gate 3
Gate 4
Gate 5
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8
Gate 9
Gate 10

PNS Ground:
PNS Tower:
LAS Approach:
LAS Tower: @ThePlaneFlyer
LAS ground:

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Your title should be;

“Pensacola Takeover @KPNS 121100ZOCT19”

Would You Guys like to come and fly with us?

I wish I could, but unfortunately I don’t have a sub at the moment :(

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All Good. Enjoy your day!

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Would anyone like to join this PNS-LAS event?

What time zone is that?

Pacific Time Zone.

So 6pm Pacific?

Ok I’ll take a gate

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For everybody, here:

Please give which gate you would like to chose, And aircraft type.

@Luca_Lobato you can give him whatever gate, when he gets tagged it’ll notify him and he’ll know which gate :)

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Also, make sure you add yourself to the gates :)

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You have to do it yourself. I’ll be Southwest 327, Illinois One 737-700

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Your all set!

Would you like a gate?

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@Luca_Lobato I would join, but unfortunately, that would be 9PM in my timezone, and with the flight time that would be too late. But great event!

Ok. Thanks!