[Canceled] Midnight Cruise!

Sorry guys have to cancel this one. Hello fellow pilots i have got another flight planned for tonight at 12:00AM ET 11:00PM CT 0500Z

Region: London

Aircraft: Any Airliner with American Livery.

Starting Airport: EGDM

Destination: EGDM

Total Distance:490nm

Altitude: FL310

Speed: Do not exceed 550kts (ground speed)

Server: Expert

Please comment below for any questions, Had 3 pilots and an escort last night, How many can we get tonight!? Look forward to flying with you.


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Please when using time please use the zulu time zone

Just trying to help out the not so experienced

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I’m saying irl pilots use zulu and we do the same here on the community

You can split xp?!

No you cant

What does he mean then?

it was a joke, but ok

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I’m not saying you are but your meant to use the zulu time zone

I am chilled bro

I should be there! To fit the situation I’m going to fly at night as well. Maybe not on the taxiway.

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alright now come fly with us tonight

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I can’t have you seen the time for us in the uk

oh dang that sucks maybe another time

If its all ways a midnight flight for you probably not πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

its not always midnight just tonight i decided to make it midnight, what time will it be for you?

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6:00 in the morning

lol yea im guessing you wont be awake

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No because I have school at 7:20

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