[CANCELED !] Let’s fly to Toronto! @ EHAM - 171430Z18

Server: Expert

Region: Netherlands

Airport: EHAM

Time: 1000Z (1100BST)

NOTAM: *Please note that this is on Expert driver and will ONLY be on the server so please don’t complain if you can’t join, please come in a KLM 747-400 and let’s enjoy this adventure!


Pier gate E6 @Goran12
Pier gate E8 @PedroG
Pier gate E18 @SpeedPlayz
Pier gate E20 @Takeoff_Aviation ???
Pier gate E22 @FlyAndCrash ???
Pier gate E24 @Afraz_Hammad
Pier gate E19 @JustflyM15
Pier gate E17
More gate will be added!

Flight info
Flight time is an estimated 7 to 8hrs!
Climb speed under 10k ft 240kts
Climb speed above 10k ft 280kts
More info will be added closer to the flight!

I hope to see you there on the day!


Would love to join
Gimme a gate😂!

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Sure! Gate E8 is yours!

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I might be able to come. Whats the date?

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16th of June. It would be great to see you!

Rip, I got a couple unknown violations a couple days back therefore I cannot do this one. Do another please!

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Just do a few landings and you will be back!

Hmm. I’m at a grade 2 but only about 1.5K away from grade 3. I should be able to make it

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I’ll take Pier Gate E18 please! Is there any way we can move it to 1900Z?

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I might fly but please do not quote me that I will definitely be there because I’m not sure.

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Okay good luck on getting there!

Sure Pier E18 is yours!

Okay I will put you down just in case.

Mhm, I mean I’m free then so yeah!

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Well if it’s at 6PM my time, that’s gonna be a problem I’ll join for the first one or two hours of the flight but I’m not allowed to stay up late. Can I have a gate though?

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Sure that’s fine as long as you can come at some point if ghevent that’s fine!

I would love to join! Give me a gate

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Sure! Can wait to see you!

Can I get a gate please?

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Sure and I will be moving this for next week sorry!