[CANCELED] JetBlue Caribbean challenge @ TNCM - 212200MAY17

Server: TS1

Region: Carrebean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: *Please follow all rules. We will fly an E190 JetBlue livery. We will go from St. Marteen Princess Juliana (TNCM) taking off on runway 9 to St. Barts (TFFJ) landing on runway 28. There will be no official flight route for this event. Please end your flight as soon as you exit the runway due to very little parking space! Note that the approach at St. Barts is hard but possible!

C01: (me)
More gates will be added if needed!

Since you can’t seem to decide on a year for the event, nor you read the pinned topic in the events category,

Which year are you planning to host the event?

Please avoid reverting my edits

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1800 BC at 1800 Pyongyang time.

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At this time… Ill sign up… But I may not make it!

I dont really like the event though…

Maybe do a touch and go at TFFJ and then land back at TNCM?

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