[CANCELED] Infinite Flight Tribute Flight @ KSFO - 242200ZSEP17

Server: Training Server One

Region: San Francisco (NorCal)

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Hello Infinite Flight Community! As we’re getting closer to Global, I decided that we should have a tribute flight over San Francisco, to honor the hard work and dedication this amazing development team had. Come fly with us, as we fly over San Francisco in the Cessna 172 (Since that was the very first aircraft to be on Infinite Flight). I hope you could all join, as we honor Infinite Flight, and it’s amazing work!

Flight Info: The cruising altitude will be FL100 aka 10,000 feet. The cruising airspeed will be 90 knots. Please respect and follow all commands from ATC (If active).

Flight Plan: IMG_0848

(If you can’t do the whole flight, you can land at a nearby airport)


Gate A01: @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate A01B: @CaptainObvious
Gate A02: @Chris_Peralez
Gate A03: @Nilima_Tiwari
Gate A03:
Gate A04:
Gate A05: @Mackenzie_holmes
Gate A06:
Gate A07:
Gate A08:
Gate A09: @Dylan844r
Gate A10:
Gate A11A:
Gate A11B:
Gate A12:
Gate A18:
Gate A19: iheartplanes1212

We can add more Gates if necessary

I’d just like to thank the developers for all there great work! I hope you all can come!


I have a better idea… How about a event in SoCal TS1 and the aircraft is Fighter jets :P

Great idea on a event! Ill be looking to join (Not sure if I can make it yet)


I hope to see you there!

Let me know if you want a gate.

Can’t make it, but I really hope this goes well with many showing up to honour FDS


Darn darn darn I wish I had a live subscription…

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Can I have a gate please?

Let me just ask why you are responding to me… @Dylan844r

Im not??? @Ryan_Farell

May i have a gate? A09 please?

Must have been a IFC glitch then…

Sure thing! Which gate would you like?

You got it!

I’ll put you down for Gate A09.

What aircraft can you fly

Please pay attention and read the article please.
It says cessna 172

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Sorry i did nt ready it probably

This is a good event. I’ll do it. Put me in for a random gate, I really don’t care.

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I can do anything, however I would prefer A1.

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Alright, I’ve put you down for a gate! I’ll see you then!

@iheartplanes1212, Thanks for getting me in!

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No problem, I’m very excited to see everyone there!

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