[CANCELED] Incredible Flight Above The Rockies! [Sponsored by Plane And Pilot] @CYXC - 141400ZJUL19

Hello everyone today we are gonna fly above the incredible Rockies in the amazing TBM 930!

Server: Training

Airport: CYXC

Time: 2019-07-14T14:00:00Z2019-07-14T15:30:00Z(this will convert to your time zone.

Aircraft: TBM 930 (any livery)

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions and be nice to other people as there will be a lot of aircraft!

Me,@Jakub_Astary, @Philippe_Gilbert will be the first to Taxi,Takeoff, and land please follow us.

Flight Info:
Cruise altitude: 22,000
Speed: 250 Knots
Departing airport: CYXC
Arriving airport: CYXS
Flight time: 1:30 minutes (may vary)

Flight Plan: Please copy from me.


GA 1: @Sashaz55 (Leader)
Hanger 1: @Jakub_Astary
GA 2: @Philippe_Gilbert
Hanger 2: @Dylan_M
GA 3: @Aviation-21
Hanger 3: @BadPlane
GA 5: @CaptJJ
GA 6: @Alex_Coffey
Hanger 4: @Altaria55
Hanger 5: @Kansas_Scotty
Grass Apron 1: @Plnelovr
Grass Apron 2: @Abdulaziz
Grass Apron 3: @Matthew_20204
Gate 1: @JustinN626
Gate 2: @George_Alazar
Gate 3: @Omid_Mohsenzadeh




CYXC Tower: @AviationJack
CYXS Ground: @TheFlyingGuy1
CYXS Tower: @TheFlyingGuy1

Thanks for joining my event feel free to rate it down below!

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I can be ATC.

I don`t mind ATC at all. I can join you BUT I am at school at 3pm, like a lot of people. I am available for 3.30pm though ;)

@Aviation-21 you can be ATC
@Ecoops123 this is on a Sunday.


I’ll take a gate, please & thanks.

@Sashaz55 Sorry I forgot that I’m not allowed to control on TS as I’m a (very new) member of IFATC. I’ll take a gate instead.

nevermind then haha! Im going unless I state otherwise, because Im in a family and have no idea of our plans.

I will be CYXS ground and tower if you would like

Ok @Aviation-21 I will give you a gate.
@TheFlyingGuy1 you are ATC.


Now sponsored by Plane And Pilot!

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Gate please sashaz :)

Can I join callsign NE786BV


This will be my first ever GA trial, doing practice runs now :) Sign me up a gate please & thanks for inviting me Sashaz55!

July 7th? Imagine if by that time the TBM surprise package from IF has arrived! That’ll be so cool.

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@CaptJJ you are signed up!

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Unfortunately there is going to have to be a date change to exactly one week later sorry everyone.

Still plenty of gates!

I would love to participate in this event but unfortunately I can’t do it at this time 😥

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I would like to attend. Please assign me a gate.
Kansas Scotty

You are signed up!