[CANCELED] Fly around the United States in a matter of hours! @ KMHV - 112100FEB18

Server: Casual

Region: United States of America

Airport: KMHV

Time: 2100 ZULU, PST: 1300, CST: 1500, EST: 1600

NOTAM: Not many people have been taking advantage of having the F-22’s insane speed. So I thought it’d be a great idea for an event to utilize it’s ultimate power. We’ll be starting at KMHV and will be ending there in a span of 2-3 hours. We’ll do some hops between major and non-major U.S. airports. At all the airports we go to we’ll refuel at them (Go full fuel)


Flight info
  • Cruising alt: 16,000 feet

  • Cruising speed: 1,200 knots

  • Estimated flight time: 2-3 hours (20-30 minutes per hop)



Tie Down 1: @Infinite_Flight_Dude
Tie Down 2: @QuebecXray
Tie Down 3: @Delta350
Tie Down 4: @TurnipsRock
Tie Down 5: @PedroG
Tie Down 6: @Nidhish_Kataria
Tie Down 7:
Tie Down 8:
Tie Down 9:
Tie Down 10:
Tie Down 11:
Tie Down 12:

Please consider signing up! I think you’ll have a lot of fun!


I’ll take tie down 2

Sure thing man! Hope you enjoy!

Will this be a type of formation flight or ?

I want to join!
What airport shoud i arrive at?

It might, it depends on how many people show up.

We’ll be taking off from KMHV and flying to the airports above ^^^

You can have Tie Down 3

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Thank you, I will spawn in

It’s in a week though.

😯 ohhhhhh i thought it was now 😂

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You still want the gate right?

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i’d like to come! sounds fun but maybe someone can be a KC-10 and refuel us so we could do the whole stretch but not my event lol

Yes , will be there next week

I’ll see of someone wants too (I’ll do it if we have more than 6 people).

Enjoy your gate!

We are 1/3 filled up! Just let me know if you want a gate!

Unfortunately this event will be pushed by a day…

i would like to have a gte thanks it sounds fun

can i please have a tie down

i can be atc if you want aswell

Can I have Tie Down 5?