(Canceled) Equatorial sun chasing race @ HUEN - 021600ZFEB18

Event: Equatorial sun chasing race

Server: Casual

Aircraft: All passenger aircraft

Region: Earth - equator west direction

Flight distance: 21 641NM

Airport departure/arrival: HUEN - Entebbe

Departure time: 1600Z (16:00GMT, 11:00EST, 08:00PST)

Expected duration: 16+ hours

ATC: Does anyone have any interest?

NOTAM: Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time. Runway for departure out of HUEN is expected to be RWY17 and same for landing. (May change due to weather conditions at time of event.) Please follow all instructions!

Flight plan: HUEN, SBMQ, QNV, WIOS, HUEN

Description: *This is my first event so please do not hesitate to write me any coments how to make better event. Second, I am sorry but english is not my native language so please understand my not the best english. Our event will start on Friday at 16:00Z at local sunset and on the way we will catch the sun. I hope you are now understand why this event will be on Casual server. Yes we do not follow speed limits but please keep all other rules and act like gentlemans. *

Please request a gate!


Terminal Gate 01 -
Terminal Gate 02 -
Terminal Gate 03 -
Terminal Gate 04 -
Terminal Gate 05 -
Terminal Gate 06 -
Terminal Gate 07 -
Terminal Gate 08 -
Terminal Gate 09 -
Terminal Gate 10 -
Terminal Gate 11 - @Ivo_Janacek

If you need any more info please do not hesitate to contact me.

Great event! Sadly can’t join

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