-Canceled-End of an Era @ SoCal - 082100ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: *Southern California *


Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: *My fellow forum members, my friends, the event I am about to propose is of great magnitude. As we know, it is now safe to say that global will come soon, and and we will have say goodbye to infinite flight as we know it. Because of this, I have one goal to give one final hurrah to the version of I. F we all know. For the first time, we will fill up the server with 300 players.

As you would guess, this will not be an easy task. I will need all of your help, and I assigning gates and such, but if we can achieve this, I have an idea to give a tribute to the devs.

Now finally, the event plan. Two groups will be made up for this event. 150 commercial and military at KLAX and 150 GA at KONT. If gates fill up, more airports in close proximity will be used. We will fly to all the most used airports, which you can see listed above. I would be very thankful if an Approach atc could vector us in for each tng airport(Between the start and KNUC).

My question to you is are you willing to work together for such an event, and for if we are, even if Infinite flight lasts for a thousand years, ts1 pilots nose diving into Dubai will still say, “This was their finest hour”.
Thank you for your time.

KLAX Gates
@Dylan844r- TBIT-134
@Jake_Stopher-T2 22b
KONT Gates
Edit:After some consideration, I thought it would be best if this were held on Expert. So please vote for IFATC to cover SoCal!


P.S if I don’t respond for awhile it’s because I’m actually about to hit the hay.

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Yes please Can I be ATC? Ground or Tower

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Yes thank you. Please help by listing your role for me.

I think I speak on behalf of a lot of community members that a SoCal TS1 event isn’t great for a large turnout.


What do you mean by listing you mean chosing ground or tower

No I mean putting your role and your name on the post.

Ground Control

Nooooo!!! My live expired today. If only global would come sooner. 😏

Awww well there’s always the free version

Yotam korah
Callsign ELY219
Put me in Klax pls

I’d love to participate but it’s on my least liked Training server region. Maybe next time

Sorry can only have 1 airport in the title I believe

I think its a great idea. Considering many of the forum users here i’d assume at one point another started off in SoCal to get their IF careers going.

Realistically, once global comes out, the most popular “noob region” will be dispersed and there likely wont be anything like what TS1 SoCal is. So for one last hoorah in a crazy region, I feel like it’d be cool for the IFC to look beyond what the region has become and get together for one last go at craziness.

I for one am not sure of my schedule to get in on this, so will post to claim something if that happens… but for everyone else, why not?


What airline @Captain_korah

Wouldn’t Expert be a better choice for this type of event? Between all the heavy traffic and the Grade 1/2 players who don’t know what they’re doing, it would be a gong show for everyone involved (especially ATC). A great idea nonetheless!


The point is for us to have a little fun. Even Laura had to fly in SoCal ts1 lol.

Unfortunately just did the math on the time and ill be at a football game while its going on. But… nevertheless, I hope more people can join this because its a great idea to pay our respects to SoCal. Hopefully the IFC can get beyond their high horse of expert’s server and enjoy one where it all began for many

I was actually about to change it to Sunday… I and maybe to expert server.

I would LOVE to join! But can we do it in casual? (Not expert because I’m not grade 3 yet) TS1 would be chaos in SoCal