[Canceled due to lack of people] Let’s fly from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam @ KSLC - 142100ZFEB187

Server: Training

Region: Ugh I’m not sure?

Airport: KSLC-EHAM

Time: 2100Z

Flight time:10hrs

NOTAM: *Please spawn in 10 to 15min prior to departure, please only come in the aircraft that are accepted for this flight and spawn in at your own gate.

Aircraft Delta Boeing 767 .

Flight info
Take off speed 250kts
Start of descent 150nm
VS1500 for descent

Copy from me.


GateD01 767 gate @Goran12
Gate D03 767 gate @Nidhish_Kataria
GateD06S 767 gate

More gates will WILL be added.

Please be respectful at all time thank you.

Can i join and have a gate

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Sure what aircraft and gate?

I don’t think the 757 can make it all the way to Amsterdam…

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Yeah it probably can’t. Even if it could u would need to unload all passengers and cargo with 100% fuel. @Goran12 maybe a 777 would be better?

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Yeah thanks for the advice.

The 767 can make it I did it myself

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You mean 757 right or 767?

Yeah the 767 can. But I’m not sure about the 757

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Then why does it say 767 at the top?

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The 767 as it says at the top

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Whoops sorry I know what you mean.

When I made the first comment he had a 757 listed too

you might want to reconsider the amounts of gates you have may be put some big panes in

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