• Aircraft and Livery : Boeing 777-300ER in Air New Zealand All Blacks
  • Route : NZCH - YMML
  • Time of Departure : 2015Z
  • Server : Training
  • Cruise : FL270
  • Cruise Speed : 335 Knots

Join me flying from Christchurch to Melbourne! The flight is around 3 to 4 hours. We will depart from runway 20 and arrive runway 34, The flight plan is as followed:


Can’t wait to see you there.


Oh, 3 to 4 hours? That’s longer than I expected :/
Not sure if I can come…

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This is a part of my around the world tour, so it’s fine if you can’t make it.

Please fix your title so it reaches the requirements for the #live:groupflights category.

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Is it fine now?

If your going to attend please spawn in now and copy my FPL as I have changed it.

Just reached Cruise and have a direct headwind of 33 knots.

You can track me here.

You do realise 2015Z on the 26th of June is in just over 11 hours from now - did you mean to put a different time in the title and the thread.

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Well my time it’s correct.

Yeah it may be 20:15 your time but you put the time in ZULU in the thread - otherwise it will confuse people.

Well I inputted my time on a website and it gave me that time.

Hmmmm…which website was it…

take this to a PM to continue further

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It isn’t correct. 2015Z should be 27/6 0815L for you. You still have about 11 hours until 2015Z actually comes. It’s only 0859Z now.

All sorted via PM it was actually supposed to be 0815Z

I canceled it because of the time, I will try again on my next leg.

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What is your next leg?

I just do any part, then at a later date screen record them all and speed up the videos and make a movie in order, but for personal use I don’t have a YouTube channel. I will make a post later on what leg I will do. But I have the whole world planned on a list.

I’m now approaching the coast of Australia

I have just started descend into Melbourne

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