[CANCELED] Discover the World #1 | Christchurch | @ NZQN - 151300ZSEP18

@Georges180305 presents :

Discover the World #2 : Queenstown - Christchurch
@NZQN - 151300ZSEP18

Event Description

Hello everyone and welcome to the first volume of the “Discover the World” series. We will be taking off from the beautiful village of Queenstown in New Zealand, pass some beautiful mountains with a beautiful scenery to then land in the wonderful city of Christchurch.

Event details:

Departing Airport: Queenstown - NZQN
Arriving Airport: Christchurch - NZCH
Server: Training Server
Region: East Oceania
Date and Time : September 15, 2018 1:00 PM
Flight Time: 55 minutes

Flight Details:

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Livery: Air New Zealand
Distance: 198nm
Fuel Required: 5255 Kg / 11566 lbs
Departing Runway: 05/23
Arriving Runway: 02/20

Climb Profile:
2800ft/min @ 240kts until FL100
1800ft/min @ 295kts until FL210

FL250 @ 295kts

Descent Profile:
Begin Descent 20min before landing
-2000/min @ 265kts until FL120
-1800/min @ 235kts until FL060
-1500/min @ 200kts until FL030

Flight Plan:



  • Everyone reading this right now can attend this event
  • The departing and arriving runways are subject to change.
  • Please try to remain professional at all time
  • You can request a gate by replying to this thread in the comments section below with your username and your callsign


Gate 01A:
Gate 01: @Georges180305 (DTW01)
Gate 02: @IanD (BOE-ING)
Gate 03: @2003iggy (Z-IGGY)
Gate 04: @Pilot_urp (PX-LXD)
Gate 05:
Gate 06:
Gate 07:
Gate 08:

More gates will be added if needed

I’ll take gate 02! Callsign: BOE-ING

I added you to the event. Thank you for participating.

Gate 03, callsign Z-IGGY. Thanks!

I also added you to the event, thx for participating :)

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Wow, we already got three attendants. Let’s hope we could fill all of those gates.

I’ll take a gate, PX-LXD

Thanks for participating, I added you.

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Wait @Georges180305 the event is cancelled?

Yes it is cancelled. But I may bring it back in the future.


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