[CANCELED] DC-10 Landing competition @ FACT - 072000ZDEC18

what gate @anon11948201 would you like

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A7 thanks 🙏

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A7 is yours @anon11948201

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A13 please.

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@Owain_G a13 is yours

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Hello, I changed your title to the correct year, but that would now mean that the event has passed. Please referesh yourself with the #live:events title guidelines & fix the event title. Thanks!


@Altaria55 Sorry please dont hate me for the server choice but i had to it on Casual when FACT isnt really busy

I’ve never seen FACT busy on any server. @J2S

Gate A8, please 😁

@Ecyty A8 is marked with your name on it

Well, Josh chose the server since it’s his event. If you’d like to make your own event, you should do so.

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@VAnuj thank you

I’ll take A-12 please!

A10 please

@Jackalus_Mills it’s yours

@C-0_407 it’s yours

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Thanks! See ya there!!!

Yes there is no need for petty judgement. It shouldn’t matter what server it is anyways.

A6 please
And i try my best

@Falsetax A6 is yours