[Canceled] Cathay Pacific Virtual | Asian Premiere! - @ VHHH - 140400ZOCT18

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Asian Premiere! @ VHHH - 14th October '18 at 0400Z


Server: Expert
Airport: Hong Kong Intl. Airport [HKG//VHHH]
Time of start and end: 14/10/2018 at 0400Z to 1700Z

Gate Assignments

image Oh no! It seems like the gates have not been announced yet.

Gates will be announced tomorrow as soon as I come back from school, which will be 1315Z.

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Virtual Cathay Pacific Official Thread


This VA is the Official Virtual Airline for IFHK, all IFHK pilots will use IFHKvCX in their display name to show our connection.


Don’t miss out!


Cathay Pacific VA is IFVARB approved

Event Secret Winner: @Tnel


That 777 looks weird. Very weird indeed

Is that 777 a 7779X?


Congrats! You guessed the event secret!

If the gates haven’t been announced yet, then why not wait until when the gates will be announced and then make the event?

Because I wanted to have the event formatted ASAP.

Im Sorry, but that makes no sense, you can have it formatted on your device on notes for example, there’s no point of posting it if you haven’t posted the gates yet…

And you and @Dylan_M may take this discussion else where, such as a PM ;)

If he wants to do it that way then let him, I see no problem, in thr end he is following all the rules there are when creating a Event.

Although I’d say that it’s better to have everything done to begon with before creating the thread, buuuut I don’t see much of reason to dwell over this as it stil 5 days left and since it’s not a Fly-out variant Event, therefore don’t expect crazy amounts of people to join. Only a limited amount.


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