[CANCELED] Cargo Convoy II: BBQ, Fried Chicken, and B777-200F's @KATL - 160100ZAUG19

  • Aircraft and Livery: FedEx B777-200F

  • Route: KATL-KMEM

  • Time of Departure: 0100Z 2019-08-16T01:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Be sure to spawn in beside me. Please leave your negativity on Casual Server. BBQ is our callsign. Takeoff runway 28, landing runway 9; ETE 1:15 minutes.

Copy my flight plan.

Anybody Grade 3 and up can join! Let’s fly across my homeland!


Source: TripAdvisor


Source: The Spruce Eats


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Are you… using BBQ and chicken… to draw people to your event?

Because thats actually clever.


This is the traditional cuisine where I live; it makes you hungry seeing it.


I know; this is a ridiculous idea; nobody has ever used food as a flight’s theme before.


I’m only joining if I get complimentary BBQ and fried chicken. 😉

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That’s what they are serving onboard!

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I’m late??? Checking now Darn I am sorry

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I made a planning mess-up; I have pushed the time back about an hour.

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Still late… 15 minutes late but is ok…? Did you guys takeoff yet?

I am so confused, @anon45500775. I have made a Zulu-CDT screwup.

Here tell me your time and I’ll try fixing it for you

8:00 CDT (9:00 your time).

Thank you for helping me.

That’s 1 o’clock Zulu

Change the date too! Remember it’s Europe

Oh my gosh; thanks, man!

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Attention all pilots, all errors have been fixed.

I am going to go ahead and spawn to make a comprehensive flight plan.

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I’m going to try to join but might not be able to…

I would not do this group flight with a good use; I want to see what people think about making food-themed events.

This group flight is CANCELED!