[CANCELED] Big London heathrow Fly-out! @EGLL 291500ZFEB20

You request it !πŸ˜‰

Yes, sure πŸ˜…

Not to promote my own event or anything but you should add a gate to Tenerife as I made an event there 3 hours later when it’s a 3 hour flight soooo…


Good idea, might join you on that one

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Leave the man alone I know your trying to help buts it is just a flyout.

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I think you want the one to Tenerife ? 😊

Which flight you want ?πŸ™‚

Oh none atm but ill think about it

Is there a flight to Sydney, Qantas 789

No but on to YPPH it’s 16h of flight whit a b789 or a380 Qantas. I’ve check and we can’t got to Sydney principal whit-out escape

VS 789 to seattle any terminal 3 gate

Yeah that was a typo type thing

which sever is this???

only the 787-9 fly there from heathrow not a A380
and the A380 stops in Singapore then carrys n to Sydney

Expert server

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