[CANCELED] Big London heathrow Fly-out! @EGLL 291500ZFEB20

HUGE London heavy departure !

Welcome to one of the biggest event in IF !
Departing from London Heathrow [EGLL]
With A350 series
Fun fact
London is the most busy airport in the world
With more than 2500 departing planes per day

16H Zulu
29 March 2020

To reserve Gate
Please request like that;
[Plane and airliner/destination/Gate]

Short-haul [1h to 1h55]
PLANE Destination Gate
A320. LFPG. 226
British 1h20

A320. LFPG. 224
Air France 1h20 _____________________________________
A320. LFPG. 223
Air France 1h20 _____________________________________
B737. LFPG. 224
Comair (operated by British airways)

B737 EHAM. 220
KLM. 1h20 @Populeux_Music _____________________________________
B737 EHAM. 219
KLM. 1h20 _____________________________________
B737. EHAM. 218
Comair (operated by British airways)

A321. EIDW. 218R
British. 1h25 @Mr_yellow _____________________________________
A320. EGCC. 217
British 1h _____________________________________
A321. LSGG 216
British. 1h35 _____________________________________
A320. EDTT. 301
Air Berlin. 1h55

A320. EDTT. 303L
Air Berlin. 1h55

A319. EBBR 303R
Brussel airline. 1h

Medium-haul [2h to 8h]

A321. GCTS 247
Iberia. 4h

A330. EDDF. 305
Lufthansa. 2h

A320. EDDF. 305L
Dutch Bird. 2h _____________________________________

A380. OMDB. 313
Emirates. 7h40 _____________________________________
A380. OMDB. 316
British 7h40 _____________________________________
A380. KLAX 317
British. 7h30 _____________________________________
A380. KJFK. 318
British 8h20 _____________________________________
B777-2LR. KJFK. 319
Delta. 8h20 _____________________________________
B777-3ER. CYYZ. 321
Air Canada. 7h45 ____________________________________
A330. LTFM. 320
Turkish Airline. 4h30 _____________________________________
A380 OTHH. 322
Qatar. 7h @ran _____________________________________
A350. UUEE. 362
Aeroflot. 4h ____________________________________
A320. LPPT. 364
TAP. 3h50 _____________________________________

Long-Haul [8-16]

A380. YPPH. 239
Qantas. 16h _____________________________________
B787. YPPH. 238
Qantas. 16h _____________________________________
A350. VHHH. 241
Cathay Pacific. 12h _____________________________________
B747. VHHH. 242
Cathay Pacific. 12h _____________________________________
B777-3ER. VHHH. 243
Cathay Pacific. 12h _____________________________________
B787. MMMX. 236
AreoMexico. 12h _____________________________________
B747. SAEZ. 244
British. 13h _____________________________________
A340. KLAX. 246
Virgin Atlantic. 11h _____________________________________
B787. VTBS. 251
Thaï Airways. 11h _____________________________________
B747. RJTT. 252
British. 12h _____________________________________
B787. KMIA. 253
Virgin Atlantic. 11h _____________________________________
A350. WSSS. 254
Singapore airline 13h _____________________________________
A380. WSSS. 255
Singapore Airline 13h _____________________________________
A350. RPLL. 256
Philippine. 13h50 _____________________________________
B787. KSFO. 247
American 11h20 ____________________________________

I can add flight I you want,
Wish you will love it!
Pilot 118.

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Can I take British airways to eidw please

Hey, make sure your title follows these guidelines:


It appears you’re missing the day

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For the LFPG leg the 737 is only used in South Africa If I was you I’d put an A319,A320 or A321

And the EHAM flight.

Thx, already changed😉

Your in ! @Mr_yellow

Yes I’m in

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Lol, the event is at 30:15 o’clock on 29th Feb… haha 🤣


30h ??? Do it exist or it’s 20 h

The event is at 10h for America

Look at the title. Does it start on 30th Feb or 30:15? Both would be wrong

Ok thx I’ve check it and there was an error, but the event start at 15 Zulu 😉

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Do someone sign up to encourage me please🙏🥺 and it’s just at 10h am for America pls

Ok, I’ll sign for the Qatar. Can I use A380 by any chance?

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Hate to say it, but maybe formatting the text into a table could help? It is difficult to tell what you’re saying where.

I like the addition of flight time, but the ‘322’ got me very confused. It’s really not clear where I’m supposed to spawn. Also OTBD is Doha’s old International airport. OTHH is the airport that operates commercial flights and uses the A350. 🙂

I won’t be attending this event.

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Yes your in
And thx 😊

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I know it’s not to organize I will do better the next time😉

I might be able to participate in this, idk

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Wait so if we want to go to a destination that’s not on there??

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