(CANCELED)Austin TX to Miami FL Adventure @KAUS - 272000ZAPR19


Server: Expert

Airport: KAUS to KMIA

Time: 20002019-04-27T20:00:00Z β†’ 2019-04-27T22:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in at least 10 minutes before the event. If no ATC is present be professional on unicom. Do not push back at the same time as the person next to you. Maintain at least 3nm away from all other aircraft in the event. Do not start take off role until the person is 3nm in front of you. Take off and land on specific runways given. Make sure to spawn at your gate.

  • Plane: Any plane smaller than a 737 or A321

  • Airline:Any as long as they fly from KAUS to MIA. I know United does.

Gates 1-25 are available.

Welcome to my event!!! This is a scenic route from Austin (KAUS) to Miami (KMIA). The flight will be about 2 hours long. If you would like to attend please tell me your callsign and what gate you want. Below is everything you need to know about the event. Hope you can join my event. Remember if you attend please post your screen shots.

Departing runways at KAUS 35R
Landing runways at KMIA 9
Crusie FL 340
Mach .78
Speed below FL280: 290kts
Speed below 10,000ft: 240kts
Ascending speed: 2,500fpm
Descending speed 2,000fpm
Speed under 15,000: your choice
Start descending at 17min away from des
Flight plan is 964nm
Flight time: around 2 hours
Flight plan:

Departing and landing runways are subject to change based on wind conditions

Nice event! Which Aircraft can we fly with? πŸ‘

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Just a note, this isn’t a flyout.

Any aircraft that flies from KAUS to KMIA