(Canceled) ATC Event Group Pilot Recruitmement Landing Competiton @ KPSP 302200ZJAN18

KSAN -KSPS my favorite rute. it’s where i fly most old days before global.
I’ll have a gate for this awesome event.

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Thank you @Jan_Sd for the kind words! You can have Gate 2.

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4 days left to sign up. Only ask for a gate if you are Grade 3 or higher.

2 days until the event starts.

Doesn’t look like I can make it in time for the start, but I will be there to watch landings.

Alright, look out for our future events. I’m going to postpone it a week due to a low turnout so far.

This event has been postponed till next Tuesday.

Duh, should have put this on expert. Changed.

This event has been canceled due to conflicting events.

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