(CANCELED)Aero Gatineau Ottawa Airshow 2022

Welcome to Aero Gatineau Airshow 2022 In the beautiful capital of Ottawa Canada this is a very historic airshow for canada and was one of its very first.

This will be held on casual and please spawn at
The time of the airshow is
If you’d like to preform please tell me your
Plane Time and Livery

  1. 3:00 EST- 3:20 EST @Morgan99
  2. 3:20 EST- 3:30 EST @United403 Boeing 757 Demo
  3. 3:30 EST- 3:40 EST @flyin_hawaiian F-18 Maverick
  4. 3:40 EST- 3:55 EST @AmericanB772 EygptAir B77W
  5. 3:55 EST- 4:10 EST @AirCanada11 CF-18 Demo
  6. 4:10 EST- 4:20 EST
  7. 4:20 EST- 4:35 EST @Butter575 F22 Space Demo
  8. 4:35 EST- 4:45 EST AirCanada11 RCAF C130J Demo
  9. 4:45 EST- 4:55 EST @InfiniteFlightNewark SPIT Demo
  10. 4:55 EST- 5:10 EST @Ken_wei VFA-31 Demo
  11. 5:10 EST- 5:20 EST @Captain_Angell F22 Demo
  12. 5:20 EST- 5:35 EST
  13. 5:35 EST- 5:50 EST @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek A350 Airbus Livery Demo

At the end there will be a special heritage flight if you’d like to attend please PM me
Hope You Can Attend😁!!!


Might be coming in p38
Maybe at one or four unknown. I do not have pro

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Okie and What Time

I’m going for 4:55pm but my performance is gonna last about 28 min

I will be there with the F22

Ok @Ken_wei and @Captain_Angell your signed up

What time @Captain_Angell

2100 Zulu
2pm PST

I’ll be flying my VFA-31 f-18e demo once again

I’ll take this!!! B757 demo

Coming in spitfire demo 5 PM EST I’ll spawn in, I’ll go after whoever is going during that. Can’t wait to bring back the SPIT demo

What time @United403

Okay for sure

I’ll take this time

Okay @United403 thanks

@InfiniteFlightNewark all times for 5 are booked can you please give me a specific time

Where can I find the schedules

The schedule hasn’t been confirmed

Ok tell me when ready

I’mma be in the heritage flight