[Canceled] A380 Touch & Go madness in Singapore @ WIDD - 051900ZMAR17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WIDD

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: We are back! The pre Global series continues this week at Singapore! The Pre Global series is a series of events that I will be hosting every Sunday as the anticipated Global updates realease. Once Global is out, we will have the ultimate event, which combines every event we have done. This Sunday looks to be fun at Singapore! This will be an event with all aircraft restricted except the Airbus A380! The flight plan is below, at the event you will copy it from me. We hope to see you there Sunday, March 5th!

*Note that there are not that many waypoints, so you will have some room to fly.


Gate 01: LAHockey
Gate 02: @kylejtam
Gate 03: @William_Jones
Gate 03A: @samuel_48
Gate 04: @Milen_Jacob
Gate 04A: @Paulo_Henrique
Gate 05: @Captain28
Gate 06: @Ryan_Farell
Gate 06A: @Mecly_Momin
Gate 07: @MaksimFerguson
Gate 07A: Abhishek_Bhattachary
Gate 08:
Gate 08A
Gate 09:
Gate 10: @Julian10


Event01: LAHokey
Event02: @kylejtam
Event03: @William_Jones
Event04: @samuel_48
Event05: @Milen_Jacob
Event06: @Ryan_Farell
Event07: @Mecly_Momin
Event08: @Captain28
Event09: @Paulo_Henrique
Event10: @MaksimFerguson
Event12: Abhishek_Bhattachary
Event14: @Julian10

If you have any Questions please PM me!

Don’t Forget to join our Discord! https://discord.gg/BKX5rEC


Please stop reverting the title. You put the date and time incorrectly and I fixed it for you.

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I did not touch the title.

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I changed the title to 051900ZMAR17 and you changed it back to 51900ZMAR17. If you’d like to, we can discuss this further in a PM.


I did not change it, I swear. Take a look at who edited it.

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Oh wait, sorry the system must have glitched. I did not try to edit it.

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For those of you thinking about joining, you have one week.

I’m in, I’ll take Gate 10, AF A380

Roger that! See you there on Sunday!

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Il take gate 03 please

I need an explanation…what type of aircraft can use… If A380… Is it can on small airport… How the flight begin?? Start from WIDD and touch and go at WSSS and then fly to the other destination???

Sign me up. Plz Gate 03A

I will PM you further information on the competition.

Sign me up. I will take gate 06 please.

Okay… I will wait for your explanation

Don’t forget to join our discord link for updates on events! And to socialize will other people who are participating in the event! https://discord.gg/BKX5rEC

Anygate will do please
and updated discord chat invite: https://discord.gg/M5vVGvD

Do you really think WIDD Can support an A380? No me neither… How about WMKK and WSSS Those are capable of the A380… Just think about it… And why is evrybody using madness in there titles? Unoriginal since i was thei

I think its able to support the A380

I can takeoff in an overweight A380.