[CANCELED]"A Whole Different Animal" @ KDEN (Please vote in the new thread poll)

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Denver, Colorado

Airport: KDEN

Time: starts at 1500Z - lasts all day

NOTAM: we will be showing up in the A318 to celebrate Frontier, and not only just because they are my favorite airline but because I just got accepted into their Flight Attendent Program! (So excited right now)
If you could show up to your assigned gate bearing the frontier livery. Your call sign will be “FFT(NameofGate). As an example: FFT40 or Frontier Flight 40. You can have your call sign in FFT format or the Frontier Flight XX!
There is no assigned flight plan just fly somewhere for the fun of it. You can fly into Denver and taxi to YOUR assigned gate, where you will be joined by many other frontier flights. All departing, pushing back, taxiing, and arriving.
There will be a “Departing/Arriving” sheet I shall create so you can see what time certain flights are getting in!”

Concourse A:

Gate A24: elisua (FFT24)
Gate A25: David_Hopkins (FFT25)
Gate A26:
Gate A27: _Infinite.Flight (_FFT27)
Gate A28:
Gate A29: sk28 (FFT29)
Gate A30: @Bulba (FFT30)
Gate A31:
Gate A32:
Gate A33:
Gate A34:

i am sorry! This event has been canceled! Thank you to those who tried to make it! Thank you also to those who offered their budding ATC services! You guys are the real MVPS! :)
@sk28 @bulba @elisua @David_Hopkins


I am IN! Gate A29 FFT24 in the A318. Cant wait for this!

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Will do I’m so excited I got accepted in! I just had to do this :)

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Yah be been put down my friend :)

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Don’t be shy guys The Spirit of the West is haunting the skies of Colorado! Come at any time! Do a night flight. Dangerous over the deadly Rockies, or fly in the dawn over a brilliant spectacular view, or maybe even a evening flight as the golden peaks crest the horizon!

(Frontier Airlines needs YOU👊🏼)

I can come but I can’t fly the earlier flights

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Please note this event is open to newcomers till Saturday. Even then you’re fully welcome to come as a frontier aircraft and fly! If you do not have gates assigned to you please be respectful of those who do and do not park there! If you decide you do not want to come in frontier livery 😭😭😭 then please make sure it is an aircraft with a livery that flies to Denver (i.e. United, American, Spirit, Delta, etc) and use the proper call sign for that livery (i.e. UA234 or AA34)

I’ll see you all tomorrow and I hope more people sign up! There are many more gates and spots open :)

Bumping this up to get views :) cmon guys I’m so pumped let’s head out with our frontier aircraft

Sad that I don’t have the a318. 😭

Dude lol buy it 😉😉 I nee you to fly the friendly skies of Denver with me

Now I’m saving money up for global and live when the Olympics come, so I don’t want to buy it until it gets a rework.

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That’s fine haha just tell your friends! We need YOU to fly

Is there any other aircraft I can come in?

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Dude absolutely! If you 100% cannot come in the frontier livery/A318 come in anoy other livery/aircraft that flies to Denver. (I.e. Delta United spirit American JetBlue) make sure they fly to Denver though and I can get you the approximate concourse/gates your airline parks at

I’ll come in a American 787-9.

Alright American flies into DIA and parks at concourse C. Here is your gate and call sign 👍🏼

AA32 at gate C32

I’ll join assign me a gare

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Gate: A32
Call sign: FFT32

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A bit of an update pushed to iOS and android 😉 You can come in ANY livery and or aircraft that flies into DIA! Do your homework lol. Of course this event is focused on Frontier but if you don’t want to come because that’s the limiting factor I’m only happy to open it to others!
In order to keep the event ontime for Saturday, I need at least 5 more pilots 😁 And possibly two ATC who are sure they know what they are doing!!! :) please pm me if you want to control and comment below if you want to join up! At least 5 more 😬😬

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@Bulba you have been put in! Note the gate and call sign 👍🏼👍🏼