(CANCELED)A Different Type Of Flyout And Celebration in Corona @KAJO - 111700ZAPR2020

Host - TheFlyingGuy1

The Event:

We will be celebrating 2 things at Corona Municipal Airport in Infinite Flight! Disclaimer: This event has nothing to do with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). I just happen to live in a nice town called Corona. This also has nothing to do with the Bonanza accident a few months ago. This will be a flyout event but with—general aviation aircraft. Yep, you read that right. A general aviation flyout. PERFECT! The first reason I am celebrating this is because I edited the airport and it was my first one. there are over 170 parking now. Read below for more. The second reason is to just celebrate general aviation and the community. Corona Muni is also known as one of the friendliest airports in the nation! Hope you can join and set a record. The max amount of people at the airport has been 5 (by me) and we should crush that! The event will be a BLAST! 🚀

The Airport
Corona Municipal Airport (ICAO: KAJO, FAA LID: AJO), formerly know as L66 is located about 3 miles northwest of Downtown Corona in Riverside County. The airport has a few small businesses such as flight academies, training centers, maintenance, repair and the Corona Airport Cafe. Corona Muni has no IATA so it can be confusing. It is a public airport owned by The City Of Corona. The elevation is 533ft MSL. The runway is 3,200ft long asphalt runway and the numbers are 25/7. In 2004 the airport had 68,000 operations with about 186 per day! 149 aircraft are based on the field: 134 single engine, 13 twin engine, and 2 helicopters. About 72% is local GA and 28% is transient GA. This is definitely a one of a kind airport!

Fuel station at KAJO

The City
Corona California is a medium sized city about 40nm from LAX with a population of about 166,000 people. It was founded on May 4th 1886. The city is also know as the Circle City due to racing around Grand Blvd about 120 years ago. More about that can be found here. The city is also known for it’s citrus plants about 50 years ago. Without a doubt is a nice city to live in with everything you need.

View facing west above I-15 and 91 intersection

Server: Expert

Airport: KAJO Corona Municipal

Time and Date: April 11 at 1700Z

Automatically converts to your timezone. The day might appear different from the title. Use this as your main source, not the title.

NOTAMS: Spawn into correct tie down/hangar. Follow all procedures. Use unicom 122.7. No trolling. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

You are responsibe to make your own flight plan. I would strongly suggest using FPLTOIF Converter by Chris S for correct procedures. I am NOT responsible for violations or ghosts during the event.

Airport Chart:


Overview of Airport:


Airport Edit:

Tie Downs:


Tie Down 01 @NathanD Cessna 172 ICAO
Tie Down 02
Tie Down 03
Tie Down 04
Tie Down 05
Tie Down 06
Tie Down 07
Tie Down 08
Tie Down 09
Tie Down 10
Tie Down 11
Tie Down 12
Tie Down 13
Tie Down 14
Tie Down 15
Tie Down 16
Tie Down 17
Tie Down 18
Tie Down 19
Tie Down 20


Tie Down 21
Tie Down 22
Tie Down 23
Tie Down 24
Tie Down 25
Tie Down 26
Tie Down 27
Tie Down 28
Tie Down 29
Tie Down 30
Tie Down 31
Tie Down 32
Tie Down 33
Tie Down 34
Tie Down 35
Tie Down 36
Tie Down 37
Tie Down 38
Tie Down 39
Tie Down 40


Tie Down 41
Tie Down 42
Tie Down 43
Tie Down 44
Tie Down 45
Tie Down 46
Tie Down 47
Tie Down 48
Tie Down 49
Tie Down 50
Tie Down 51
Tie Down 52
Tie Down 53
Tie Down 54
Tie Down 55
Tie Down 56
Tie Down 57
Tie Down 58
Tie Down 59
Tie Down 60


Tie Down 61
Tie Down 62
Tie Down 63
Tie Down 64
Tie Down 65
Tie Down 66
Tie Down 67
Tie Down 68
Tie Down 69
Tie Down 70
Tie Down 71
Tie Down 72
Tie Down 73
Tie Down 74
Tie Down 75
Tie Down 76
Tie Down 77
Tie Down 78
Tie Down 79
Tie Down 80


Tie Down 81
Tie Down 82
Tie Down 83
Tie Down 84
Tie Down 85
Tie Down 86
Tie Down 87
Tie Down 88
Tie Down 89
Tie Down 90
Tie Down 91
Tie Down 92
Tie Down 93
Tie Down 94
Tie Down 95
Tie Down 96
Tie Down 97
Tie Down 98
Tie Down 99
Tie Down 100


Tie Down 101
Tie Down 102
Tie Down 103
Tie Down 104
Tie Down 105
Tie Down 106
Tie Down 107
Tie Down 108
Tie Down 109
Tie Down 110
Tie Down 111
Tie Down 112
Tie Down 113
Tie Down 114
Tie Down 115
Tie Down 116
Tie Down 117
Tie Down 118
Tie Down 119
Tie Down 120


Tie Down 121
Tie Down 122
Tie Down 123
Tie Down 124
Tie Down 125
Tie Down 126
Tie Down 127
Tie Down 128
Tie Down 129
Tie Down 130
Tie Down 131
Tie Down1 32
Tie Down 133
Tie Down 134
Tie Down 135
Tie Down 136
Tie Down 137
Tie Down 138
Tie Down 139
Tie Down 140


Tie Down 141
Tie Down 142
Tie Down 143
Tie Down 144
Tie Down 145
Tie Down 146



Hangar 01
Hangar 02
Hangar 03
Hangar 04
Hangar 05
Hangar 06
hangar 07
Hangar 08
Hangar 09
Hangar 10
Hangar 11
Hangar 12
Hangar 13
Hangar 14
Hangar JM
Hangar 16
Hangar 17
Hangar 18
Hangar 19
Hangar 20
Hangar 21
Hangar 22
Hangar 23
Hangar 24
Hangar 25
Hangar 26
Hangar 27

Aircraft Allowed: Cessna 172, 208 Caravan, Cirrus SR22, Cubcrafters XCub, and Daher TBM-930

How To Sign Up?

Reply below and say what aircraft and destination. I will get notified. I will take care of the rest!

Important Notice:

  • Due to weather in the SoCal area the event may have to be rescheduled.
  • Airport procedures will in event PM

Thank You For Signing Up For One Of The Quality

  1. Corona Logo: https://www.mychamber.org/city-of-corona
  2. Aircraft at gas station: http://bywayofcomanche.com/corona-ca-kajo/
  3. Ariel view above freeway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2EnPe3SQOo
  4. Airport Chart: http://www.fltplan.com/Airport.cgi?AJO
  5. Airport Overview: https://www.supertorchritual.com/corona/corona-airport-california/
  6. Location: https://flyingcalifornia.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/corona-kajo/

Please note that this is the fixed topic

Ah nice! You edited it! That was one on my list of Project California. I can now brush that off! (Luckily I didn’t start editing, I’d check on it anyway)

Yea. It should be out by the end of the month

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Nice. Maybe if my KMCE is approved then I can fly fo it as my destination! I’ll keep this great flyout in mind!

I’d like to join! I’d like to fly the Cessna 172. Any tie down spot is fine and I will decide my destination on the day of the event if that’s acceptable.

Ok thanks. You added in Tie Down 01

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