[Canceled] A Christmas Realistic Airport Gathering @KLAX - 232300ZDEC17

Server: Expert Server (Global)

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: Only request gate for the appropriate airline and aircraft for that gate. Everyone can fly the appropriate flight from LAX, determining on what airline and aircraft they choose, or join me on my flight.

Use the photo below for reference.


ATC Positions


Terminal 1

Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 13:
Gate 14:
Gate 15A:
Gate 15B:
Gate 16A:
Gate 16B:
Gate 17A:
Gate 17B:
Gate 18A:
Gate 18B:

Terminal 2

Gate 21A:
Gate 21B:
Gate 22A:
Gate 22B:
Gate 23:
Gate 24:
Gate 25:
Gate 26:@IFlyHigh_190 (Delta Boeing 737-800)
Gate 27:@Chris_Peralez (Delta Boeing 767-300) (Callsign: Delta 65)
Gate 28:@AsorbMC (Delta Airbus A319-100)

Terminal 3

Gate 30:
Gate 31A:
Gate 31B:
Gate 32:
Gate 33A:
Gate 33B:
Gate 34:
Gate 35:
Gate 36:
Gate 37A:
Gate 37B:
Gate 38:
Gate 39:

Terminal 4

Gate 40:
Gate 41:
Gate 42:
Gate 43:
Gate 44:
Gate 45:
Gate 46A:
Gate 46B:
Gate 47A:
Gate 47B:
Gate 48A:
Gate 48B:
Gate 49:

Terminal 5

Gate 50:@The_Geniusman (American Airbus A321-200)
Gate 51A:
Gate 51B:
Gate 52:
Gate 53A:
Gate 53B:
Gate 54A:
Gate 54B:
Gate 55:
Gate 56:
Gate 57:
Gate 58:
Gate 59:

Terminal 6

Gate 60:
Gate 61:
Gate 62:
Gate 63:
Gate 64:
Gate 65A:
Gate 65B:
Gate 66:
Gate 67:
Gate 68A:
Gate 68B:
Gate 69A:
Gate 69B:

Terminal 7

Gate 70:
Gate 71A:
Gate 71B:
Gate 72:
Gate 73:
Gate 74:
Gate 75A:
Gate 75B:
Gate 76:
Gate 77:
Gate 78:

Terminal 8

Gate 80:
Gate 81:
Gate 82:
Gate 83:
Gate 84:
Gate 85:
Gate 86:
Gate 87:
Gate 88:

Tom Bradley International Terminal

Gate 123A:
Gate 130:
Gate 131:
Gate 132:
Gate 133:
Gate 134:
Gate 148:
Gate 150:
Gate 151:
Gate 152:@astrosloth5 (LATAM Boeing 787-9)
Gate 153:@CathayPacific (Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER)
Gate 154:@Brent_Adams (Lufthansa Airbus A380-800)
Gate 155:@Oli_H (Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER)
Gate 156:@Peacemaker0710 (Air Austral Airbus A380-800)
Gate 157:
Gate 159:

  • 1-2 weeks to gather information to change event to San Francisco
  • Change event server to expert and change date to give everyone time to reach at least Grade 3

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what day will this be happening, if it’s on a weekend I would love to join in

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Yes it is! It will actually be on a Saturday, if you live in the US.

nice, should be available, can I get a gate?

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Hey! It’s happening on December 3. For more information check here on how to read event titles (I know they can seem daunting at times).

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Yes you can. Tell me what aircraft model and gate you’d like. Please make sure it fits in the gate you selected.

It’s actually on the 2nd since I live in the US, but thanks for the concern.

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Oh yeah. We use UTC here though. Just helping @astrosloth5 out.


i live in the US as well so it would be the 2nd for me but thanks for the help

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if you have the Tom Bradley International Terminal I would like to be gate 152, ill be flying a LATAM 787-9

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I am going to add Terminal 8 and Tom Bradley International Terminal in a few minutes. Thanks for joining @astrosloth5!

your title and description have different times. Is it at 0100Z or 2300Z?

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Sign me up! Gate 28 KLAX-KAUS A319

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I’ll try to make it! Ill be in an ANZ 77W! (ZK-OKQ) Gate 153 TBIT!

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Can i be gate 21B In a delta embraer E170 to Tucson (KTUS) plz

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I don’t have global update in the near future will have global update okay
Bye :)

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What airline are you flying for your A319?

Sorry but can you be more specific on the aircraft?

Thanks for letting me know.

May I have Delta Airlines Terminal 2?

Callsign: Delta 65
Aircraft: B787-8
Gate: 23

Thanks! I’m sorry I couldn’t go to KSFO

Route: KLAX - PHNL
Los Angelas - Honolulu Hawaii

Plus, what about ATC? Just a recommendation

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