[Canceled]28AUG22/1400Z HUGE Pittsburgh Flyout!

Welcome to Pittsburgh! This event is being hosted by me (@RagonDragon) @AirCanada11 and @AmericanB772. Come join us in the great state of Pennsylvania and fly-out of the great Steel City!!

About Pittsburgh

A Gates

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
A1 Baltimore B737 Southwest -
A2 Chicago-ORD E170 United -
A3 Chicago-MDW B737 Southwest -
A4 Chicago-ORD A320 United -
A5 New York-JFK B737 Southwest -
A6 Washington-IAD CRJ7 United -
A7 Baltimore B738 Southwest
A8 Denver B738 United -
A9 Orlando B738 Southwest -
A10 St Louis B737 Southwest -
A11 Minneapolis B738 Sun Country -
A12 Newark A320 United @Butter575
A13 Buffalo B737 Southwest -
A14 Toronto CRJ9 Air Canada @AirCanada11
A15 Detroit B738 Sun Country -
A16 Grand Rapids 738 Sun Country -
A17 Houston-IAH 738 United -
A18 Montréal A319 Air Canada -
A19 New Heaven B738 Avelo -
A20 Burbank B738 Avelo -
A21 Toronto B737 Westjet
A24 Orlando B738 Avelo -

B Gates

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
B26 New York-JFK CRJ7 American -
B27 Philadelphia CRJ7 American -
B28 Washington-DCA CRJ9 American -
B29 Boston E190 JetBlue -
B30 Chicago B738 American -
B31 Seattle B739 Alaska -
B32 Miami A320 American -
B33 Raleigh-Durham CRJ9 American -
B34 Dallas-Ft Worth A321 American -
B35 Phoenix A321 American -
B42 Myrtle Beach A320 Allegiant -
B43 Savannah A320 Allegiant -
B44 Tampa A320 Allegiant -
B45 Sarasota A320 Allegiant -
B46 Jacksonville A320 Allegiant -
B47 Nashville A320 Allegiant -
B48 Cancún A321 Spirit -
B49 Tampa A320 Spirit @Avaitor1
B50 Los Angeles A321 Spirit @AmericanB772

C Gates

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
C51 Detroit A321 Spirit -
C53 Zurich A330 Edelweiss @Chaseelliottfan9WG
C54 Calgary A330 Air Canada -
C55 London-LHR B789 British Airways -
C56 Paris-CDG B772 Air France -
C57 Frankfurt B747 Lufthansa @Aviation_Jerry
C58 Frankfurt B767 Thomas Cook -
C59 London-LHR B772 British Airways -
C60 London-LGW B773 British Airways -
C61 Phoenix A321 Spirit

D Gates

Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
D76 Boston E170 Delta -
D77 New York-LGA CRJ9 Delta -
D78 Atlanta B757 Delta -
D79 Detroit CRJ9 Delta -
D80 Atlanta A320 Delta -
D81 Minneapolis CRJ9 Delta -
D82 New York-JFK CRJ9 Delta @Carson_Byrnes
D83 Atlanta A321 Delta -
D84 Charleston A220 Breeze -
D85 Hartford A220 Breeze -
D86 Norfolk A220 Breeze -
D87 Providence A220 Breeze -
D88 Denver A320 Frontier -
D89 Orlando A320 Frontier -

Ground: @Aviation_Jerry
Tower: @Avaitor1


  • We are not accountable for any level 2 or 3 violations

  • If ATC is present please be respectful

  • If ATC isn’t present use unicom respectfully



Can I have gate B50 to KLAX on a spirit A321 please


Can I take air canada to yyz

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@AmericanB772 @AirCanada11 Your signed up!


How are you going to get level 2 or 3 if it’s training server

Also the gates are not realistic Southwest operate many routes to Sarasota

This please

I’ll take this but on spirit

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Y’all have out done yourselves!!!
This is amazing
I can choose😂

Your signed up!

You know Cathay fly to Hong Kong, not Taiwan right? And definitely do not have a route to Pittsburgh, did you mean China Airlines (not as familiar with their routes and operations)?

Yea actually I will change that

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Let’s get some more signups!

Not to burst your bubble because I do love to see Pittsburgh get a flyout, but most of the gates,airlines,and destinations are way off.

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I just looked that flight up and it’s only one flight on only Saturdays (Pittsburgh-Sarasota)

Mmmm okay I will fix that thanks for noticing

If you’d like, I can send a pm

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Yeah that would be great!

I’ll help with this please

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Alright thanks for joining!

No problem @RagonDragon