Canceled [2 Attending] Summer Round the World leg 4 @ KJFK - 131600ZJUL19

Hello, I’m going to go around the world visiting big cities all around the world. I will have a total of 11 legs, starting and ending at KAUS

Date: 2019-07-13T16:00:00Z2019-07-13T23:00:00Z


Aircraft: Any you like

Flight time: About 7 Hours

Server: Expert


Spawn at least 15 minutes before

Don’t pushback until I do

I will use a generic 77W

If you fall behind, don’t worry

Don’t despawn until everyone has arrived if possible

Use Unicom respectfully


Gate Pilot Aircraft
4B Gate 27
4B Gate 29 @Suhas 77W
4B Gate 31 @QFA_12 A346
4B Gate 33 @BadPlane 788
4B Gate 35
4B Gate 37
4B Gate 39
4B Gate 41
4B Gate 38
4B Gate 36
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate 43A(757)
4B Gate 45(737)
4B Gate 47A(757)
4B Gate 49(737)
4B Gate 51A(757)
4B Gate 53(737)
4B Gate 55(737)
4B Gate 48(737)
4B Gate 46A(757)
4B Gate 44(737)

About John F. Kennedy International Airport

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Flight time from KJFK-EGLL? 30 minutes ummmm that’s faster than concord…

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Yeah, let me change that to 7 hours

Hope you have a good groups flight

You want to join?

Count me in
Adam Langshaw
N117RE(might use different callsign(member of DLVA)
See you there
Also, heavy gate please

What aircraft?

I’ll join Virginia Atlantic a346

Got ya @QFA_12

Any other transatlanticers

Oh I’m sorry I haven’t responded. I just realized I am out of town and can’t do it. Sorry. Will try to join next time

Ok, no prob

Gonna bump this, one of the most flown routes in history. Over 20 flights a day

Common, let’s have some fun