Canceled [2 Attending] Summer Round the World Leg 3 @ KMIA 032000ZJUL19

Hello, I’m going to go around the world visiting big cities all around the world. I will have a total of 11 legs, starting and ending at KAUS

Date: 2019-07-03T20:00:00Z2019-07-03T22:00:00Z


Aircraft: Any you like

Flight time: About 3 hours

Server: Expert

Spawn at least 15 minutes before
Don’t pushback until I do
I will use a generic 77W
If you fall behind, don’t worry
Don’t despawn until everyone has arrived if possible
Use Unicom respectfully


Gates (Heavy)
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate F08 @Suhas 772
Gate F10A @QFA_12 744
Gate F14A @BadPlane 788
Gate F16A
Gate F18A
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate F12
Gate F04
Gate F06
Gate F23
Gate F19

About Miami International Airport

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Hey there, @BadPlane.

Now, do not quote me on this, but I believe this might be considered spam, as this is your third event topic that you’ve posted in the past fifteen minutes.

I recommend posting the next leg after the current leg comes to a conclusion.


I’m fixing this leg up as I want to get the first 4 legs out their for maximum attendance. Sorry if it bothers you

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So many people are hopping on the around the world journey! Are you flying to every country or just going around the world in a few long flights?

I’m flying a dream vaca @Infinite_Flight_Sims


I’m flying to every country, and have seen some of the best sites ever! Look at this:

Not the place but great photo

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I’ll see later if I can attend, it’s a pretty long time away.

Yeah, I know

Did I miss the other two legs??

There out there. I have 4 legs out bc of how soon they are and how rapid they come

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I’ll find em

I’ll join atlas air b744

Ok, I’ll get you down

Common, don’t you want to fly this

Gonna bump this amazing airport