Canceled [2 attending] Summer Round the World leg 1 @ KAUS - 292000ZJUN19

Hello, I’m going to go around the world visiting big cities all around the world. I will have a total of 11 legs, starting and ending at KAUS

Date: 2019-06-29T20:00:00Z2019-06-29T20:30:00Z
Aircraft: Any you like
Flight time: About 30 minutes
Server: Expert
Spawn at least 15 minutes before
Don’t pushback until I do
I will use a generic 77W
If you fall behind, don’t worry
Don’t despawn until everyone has arrived if possible
Use Unicom respectfully
Heavies spawn early to taxi to Gate from cargo


Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate 01 @Dart 738
Gate 02 @QFA_12 MD11
Gate 03 @BadPlane 77W
Gate 04 @kk.aviation A320
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 07
Gate 08
Gate 09
Gate 10

About Austin Bergstrom International Airport

I’ll sign up md 11 American

Ok, be warned you need to taxi to gate before hand for heavies

Mate, I don’t recommend making a thread for every single leg. If fills up the forum with your flight mainly. Please, make one whole event that includes all The legs In it, because it would be annoying to only see you’re events coming up.

I don’t understand, I see this all the time for different legs, such as around the world in a TBM

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Common, great short hop

Gonna bump this again

Bumping bc this is a great event

Event is tomorrow

I can’t make it I will be on vacation sorry man😬

I’m gonna fly a 738 Southwest

I want to take part in this flight cause I will be moving to Austin soon!

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Great, sounds awesome

Indigo A320. Might change later.

Thought not realistic, who am I to judge. Gate 4

By the time this event departs I will be in the air on flight WN5724 😁

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Wow, have fun

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The event in canceld

Awwwwww. Was looking forward to it. Oh well

Sorry, the series got in the way of to much life.