CANCELED 19JUL20 / 1800Z The Eurovision Song Contest Flight @BIKF

The Eurovision Song Contest Flight


Hello friends! Today we will be featuring the brand new movie Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga, but we will be delivering the main characters in style from their home town in Iceland to where the contest will go down, AKA Scotland

Event Details

Server: EXPERT
Airport: BIKFIceland (BIKF) to Edinburgh (EIGH)
Aircraft: Iceland air B757
Time: 2020-07-19T18:00:00Z


Main Terminal

|01| @Keegan_Butler
|05| @CPT_Colorado

More gates will be added if needed


At the moment i am currently working on getting an AIRTIME set up where users can use their IFC profile info, with the camera, and microphone turned off so we can enjoy watching this new and funny movie together.


I hope this is alloud. If it isn’t please let me know

I would check with the moderators on permission for this one. The rules specifically say “No ATC controlled voice chat events”, but this has nothing to do with ATC… I would just kindly shoot the mods a PM.

Alright, I double checked the rules and there was nothing wrong so I will send them a message

I think it’s fine because I messaged @moderators and no one has gotten back to me. And the topic is still open

Can I have gate 1 please?

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Hey yall, the event is in 6 days dont forget to sign up!!!

Hey guys sorry, I will unfortunately have to cancel the event due to 1) lack of attendance and 2) irl conflict

Sad :(. Hope things get better for ya.

From the down under

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☝️What he said, hope things get better.